Background: When released, the FR-A/A offered unmatched functionality and reliability Please confirm all specifications with the applicable manuals. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment. fr-ak manual Related manual: sgdhae manual, lenze highline manual, elau mc 4 manual, Mitsubishi FREQROL-A / A Manual (pdf).

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I1 frequency setting must be changed frequently, it is recommended to use 2 W. Operating the inverter using a Single-phase power supply requires derating the output current. Note that the set value is registered, so il the Pr. Do not use the optional brakeunit and brake resistor simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to initialize the parameter set values before starting the operation. Refer 1 1ILIf an inverter which has been used before is to be used, the set values 01 the parameters might have been changed according to a specific operation.

On inverters equipped w i t h a paramem una. If maual application requires wiring longer than the permissible lirnlts, refer to page This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault.

fr-ak manual(PDF) –

Set the parameters according to the application requirements load and operation specifications. Places exposed losideways InstallationKeep m b k n t tempr. Therefore, the inverter can be operated using the external signals whenit is tumed ON.

However, writing is possible for the following parameters while the motor is running. The inverter can be easiiy set for high-speed operatin. Take care to ensure that electromagnetic radiation from the inverter does not damage or affect the operation of nearby electrical equipment.


Ensure that fr-a0024 cables are connected to the correct terminals. Do not copy the parameters between differing voltage classes or differing capacities. Avoid instaling the inverter i n tho followi n g places. Installation L d o n The service Iile of me inverter is influenced by temperature. Forcing the connectors together in W s i t i o n to the polarizing guides will damage the inverter.

Mitsubishi FREQROL-A / A – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-a Manual always serviced This unit is fully tested prior. Seethe illustration above in two rows. The parameter unit can be used to initialize the parameter set values. The parameter unit cover can be removed only when the slots are s e t in this position. Contact Mitsubishi if the parameters are copied by mistake.

The inverter must be installed in an upright position to d o w sufficient heat radiation. Do not connect the resistor directly to the DC terminals P,N.

Mitsubishi FREQROL-A024 / A044 General Purpose Inverter

Do not connect or ground these terminals. If starYstopofthemotor inverter is repeated frequently, it will cause failureoftheinverter. Connect the input power, output to the motor, and control signal lines to the terminal block.

Switch off the start signal when resetting the inverter.

WMle pressing to the right against thehinge 1 at the upperleft of the cover, pull the mver with the thumb lightly pressing on the lug 2at the upper right of the cover. Please forward this manual to the end user. All signal arid low levelcontrolwiringmustbeshielded type.

Therefore, be certain the power supply is adequate. Two terminals beneath the terminal block Screwsize. Any person who is involved in the wiring or inspection of this equipment should be fully competent to do the work.


Adjust the parameter unit cover position so that the slot faces in the direction as illustrated in the left. Alter mnng, r 6 t a H me m x l t coverOfme UW. Manula sue Rder to “Selection of Peripheral Devices” page Do not subject the cables to scratches, excessive stress, heavy loads or pinching. PreparationofApparatusandComponentsNecessary lor Operation The apparatus and components to be used differ depending on the application requirements. Failure to do so could cause the brake resistor to abnormally overheat and a fire to start if a fault occurs in the brake transistor, etc.

When fr-q024 clear or all parameter clear is performed, each parameter returns to the factory setting. Always install the inverter before wiring.

Before using the mabual, please read this manual carefully to use the equipment to its optimum. Mitsubishi Freqrol A Inverter freqrol a user’s guide service manual mitsubishi freqrol a Two SD terminals are internally connected. Use terminal 10 U internal power supply is used. I necessary to install a magnetic contactor MC at the primary side of the inverter as well as to design a control sequence that disables the s rt signal.

Failure to do so may start the motor immediateiy after reset. Choose a reactor according manuall me inverter model: Do not connect through resblsnce pipe threads, slip joints, or other high paths to ground. You may get an electric shock.