: Foscam FIW Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black): Surveillance Cameras: Camera & Photo. Buy Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera (Black) featuring MP CMOS Sensor, x Resolution Glass IR mm f/ Lens. Review Foscam FIW. Foscam FIW features high quality video, wireless connectivity and night vision. Quick and easy set up with device streaming and instant notifications.

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Expect to study up before installing, the directions focsam comes with are not clear. The only thing I can hope for is lower price on these cam so I can get a few more!

ZoneMinder Wiki – Wiki – Foscam FIW

Outside of your network you can see it by typing your IP Address you can get it from your router or Google What Is My ISP then add a colon and your port number which we above gave as I’m not a computer guy.

Ricky showed me how to view multiple cameras, fullscreen etc. Once you have your WAN ip you can type it with the port from anywhere in the world to connect to your camera eg Its really cool to click an icon on my fosccam phone and see my entire house in live view. The work great with the FIW now.

The camera features an easy to use graphical interface that is accessible from any standard browser anywhere in the world over the internet.

Set 3 units within minutes no hassles. Easy access from “out there” with port forwarding in your routerand simple 3 level security to restrict functions. Amy Lopez help me with my problem. I called Foscam tech support and was assisted by Ralph M. I will be order another camera asap. I ran some tests on my system foscan found that each camera was gobbling up 5MB of bandwidth! Guide to Port Forwarding — 2Wire Routers.


Foscam FI8910W

Rated 1 out of 5 by Lee from tech help no help I installed camera and it went well till I left location. I use these with the iCam app. They get off on that stuff. I have 4 of these cameras now. The smartest video doorbell around.

As far as setup goes, if you understand networking and port-forwarding, these are my recommendations: I hate when people post foscma reviews of things that they should not have purchased in the first place!!! IE is slightly faster than FF Setup is relatively easy, forums full of troubleshooting comments If you’re already on your own networks wifi, use the ip number link to connect to your webcam, not the world wide web remote connect web address, it’ll be faster Bear in mind you don’t have other devices using the same IP as your camera’s.

I don’t have any idea what all that crap is about.

Foscam FIW – network surveillance camera Overview – CNET

Got fosccam Synology configured for remote access. When a camera return and replacement was needed Mona in customer support made an extra effort to ensure the camera sent out was working perfectly.

Incredible help from support team! I will attach a couple of the bad photos to back up what I’m talking about as far as the video and image quality for security purposes. He was courteous and professional and I could not have asked for a better customer service experience, thanks Foscam. Made for indoors, but I use it as a pet cam right now. Happy Holidays to everyone.


Foscam FI8910W – network surveillance camera

It took ten minutes to get the first pictures, and another couple of hours to configure. Visability is great at night. These advanced features took a little while to setup and again, if you’re not familiar with port forwarding and dynamic DNS hosting services then this stuff will be difficult for you.

Not fpscam mention the system was delivered very quickly and the installation was a breeze.

Built to last with solid construction, wireless Guide to Port Forwarding — Doscam Routers. Set up foxcam free account on [ If not, I’m looking for a place to get one. As long as you have internet through 3G or WiFi, there is not limit on where and when you can stream your Foscam. Can’t even access the pictures from my office PC because external fodcam port is blocked.

I do like these camers a lot, it’s just that one amazingly inconvienient issue that I wish they could fix. As for the camera itself, I am very impressed. Please, straighten out these issues, set up was easy, some of the software is buggy and an update is truly needed- until then, another star just came off You can change the scan speed to very slow to surprisingly FAST or anywhere inbetween.

Optical Sensor Optical Sensor Type.