FM3A Film SLR User Manual. What is this? This is the “FM3A Film SLR User Manual” in Adobe PDF format. Nikon user manuals available from. View and Download Nikon FM3A instruction manual online. FM3A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Nikon FM3A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual.

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Check the position of the film.

It has a microprism microprism system collar around the central split-image rangefinder spot. Chapters Table Of Contents Held down as the subject is metered and photographed, a Flash Compensation manuall to the left of the lens mount will automatically apply a compensation of -1 EV to any mounted Nikon-compatible TTL flash as it fires.

Nikon FM3A

The FM3A used such a system. Align the shutter-speed indicator and the exposure-meter indicator. Officially started marketing in yearNikon FM3A can still manuaal considered as a very new camera. If you do not intend to use the camera for a long time, store it after removing the battery batteries to protect the camera from battery leakage.

Camera companies were frothing at the mouth to get in on the action. If the batteries die in nanual FM3a, the photographer still has full use of every shutter speed marked on the dial. Pull out the film-advance lever and lightly press the shutter- release button Check that the exposure-meter needle moves in the viewfinder. Vm3a flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level of flash illumination.

Focusing Focusing Focusing ring Microprism collar 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 00 50 0 25 0 Split-image rangefinder Matte field Look through the viewfinder and put the subject in focus by rotating the focusing ring of the lens. Thank you for purchasing this Nikon Maanual camera. Please read this instruction manual carefully for complete details on getting the most manua your Nikon FM3 Your new Nikon FM3 features a Manual Exposure mode for total control of exposure, as well as a semi-automatic Aperture-Priority Exposure mode.


Checking the Battery Power Check the battery power after installing a new battery or new batteries before starting shootings.

Nikon FM3A | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Many consider the Nikon FM3a the best Nikon ever made! Page 47 Tips How to distinguish the applicable types. Shutter Speed And Aperture Setting Shutter Speed and Aperture Setting The shutter-speed setting specifies the length of time the film will be exposed by opening and closing of the shutter curtains, while the aperture setting determines the amount of light that passes through the lens.

In the days of manually selecting the aperture and shutter speed to take a photograph, it somehow was imagined as more appealing on a base, he-man level. Specifications 12, and that to the — side not possible with ISO 36mm Auto exposure lock Lens mount Enabled by pressing the AE lock button Nikon F mount Film advance Shutter Lever provided, degree standoff angle and Vertical-travel, metal focal-plane shutter Page 21 Align the shutter-speed indicator and the exposure-meter indicator.

The Nikon FM3a was sold out before it was even released. Both Nikon and third-party flash units can be mounted in the FM3a’s hot shoe and used in manual or non-TTL auto modes. Glossary Glossary AE lock A function to temporarily store the exposure setting determined by the camera in memory.


Like the FM2n and its predecessors the FM3a allows manual operation with a fully mechanical shutter. Nikon was rumored to be considering a digital successor to this “modern classic”, though this has not yet early happened. Holding the Camera How to press the shutter-release button How to hold the camera Grip the camera in your right hand and look through the viewfinder.


This marking guarantees that the product meets all applicable EC regulations. The maximum count-down time of the self-timer is approx. Exposure-Compensation Indicator If there is an extreme difference in brightness between the main subject and the background e. EV stands for Exposure Value, which indicates the exposure settings, For example: Maybe mf3a last of the Nikon cameras to elicit that level of pride by employees.

Nikon FM3a – The Last Mohican

When you pull the film-advance lever fk3a the standoff position and lightly press the shutter-release button, the exposure-meter turns on and the exposure in- dication appears in the viewfinder. The Writing On the Wall But users did want, and clamor for, aperture-priority modes with a mechanically controlled shutter.

Have Manuxl spot-check your camera regularly Nikon recommends that you have your camera serviced by an authorized dealer or service center at least once every two years.

Again, the aperture is visible thorough the ADR. In this case, or when you want to achieve a certain effect, exposure compensation is recommended. Naturally, if there are any discrepancies arising from the content ported here in fm3z site, Nikon’s own version of the Instruction Manual should always be the correct guide whenever technical issues relates.

The combined value of these settings is called EV Exposure Value.