The Public Prosecution Service of Canada Deskbook Cover. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Archived Content. Archived material is published for. Department of Justice Canada’s Internet site. TABLE OF CASES.

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If these officials are unable to resolve the dispute, it shall be referred to the Commissioner of Competition, and the Deputy Director for resolution. On drug offences, the book says prosecutors should stick with the mandatory sentence where it is supported by the facts and, as a general rule, not discard the minimum to achieve a prosecuyion bargain.

This should only take a few moments. Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University, has created a consulting company that has been hired by Washington State’s liquor board to help it develop a framework for selling legal cannabis. The final determination regarding whether a privilege applies with respect to disclosure is the responsibility of counsel. Plea and resolution discussions 2.

They are responsible prosecutiln identifying the object and targets of an investigation. Counsel are agents of the DPP and prosecute offences on behalf of the Crown; they are bound by the Constitution, statute law, jurisprudence, and the rules of the relevant provincial or territorial law societies. A standard immunity agreement form or plea agreement form must be used in this regard.

Purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding and governing principles 1. Table of Contents Part I: Counsel will consider the best way to structure disclosure from the outset of an investigation so as to minimize cost and the duplication of effort.

Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. In an unusual twist, the prosecution in the Morris case declared an intention to seek the mandatory sentence, but dropped it after Mr. This consultation should be ongoing so that the Bureau fully appreciates how the negotiations have been conducted in order that it can make a more informed recommendation. Whereas the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP and the Commissioner of Competition Commissionerthe Parties to this Memorandum of Understanding the Partieshave separate responsibilities within the criminal justice system of Canada, each Party recognizing the other’s independence in performing their respective functions and duties.


The Osgoode team wrote a page legal document arguing that the courts should rule the mandatory minimum cruel and unusual punishment, and therefore unconstitutional, taking it off the books.

Alberta Justice

The prosecution service says it follows practices outlined in handbook published in Article text size A. If the legal advice is to be provided in the form of a written legal opinion, counsel should consult with the officer before the opinion is finalized so as to ensure that all relevant facts have been set out and all relevant legal issues have been considered and answered.

Effective date and termination Preserve evidence and all inculpatory and exculpatory information obtained, and maintain continuity and security of all evidence; Provide and identify to prosecuton all relevant information pursuant to disclosure obligations. Young said growing marijuana next door to his child’s room is not a serious enough transgression to justify a jail sentence. Young said he intends to argue that the court challenge should still be heard.

Immunity — Leniency 3. In one case, the prosecution service asked for deskook time for a man who violated a condition of his probation by possessing marijuana.

Federal prosecutors maintain hard line on pot as legalization looms

However, counsel must consult the Bureau prior to making a determination that has an impact on the costs of disclosure e. It is not intended to be legally binding or enforceable before the courts, nor is it designed to alter the pre-existing obligations, responsibilities, duties, or entitlements of either Party as may be defined by statute, regulation, or otherwise.

The Crown Prosecutors’ Manual does not have the status of law. In all prosecutions, the Bureau will be responsible for ensuring timely and complete disclosure in accordance with the Advisory Note on Disclosure. Aitken May 13, Melanie L. He accuses the prosecution service of trying to shield the mandatory minimum.


A Code of Conduct for Crown Prosecutors and a series of guidelines and practice memoranda has been created.

Crown Prosecutors’ Policy Manual – Alberta Justice

As such, these concepts and principles form the foundation of the more specific policy documents that guide Crown prosecutors in fulfilling these duties and responsibilities. Counsel will consult the Bureau to elicit its views as to the appropriateness of any proposed plea and sentence or other resolution, and will consider the Bureau’s comments.

Fedefal and responsibilities at the investigative stage Bureau: Officers assigned to the file will keep one another updated as to developments.

For the Competition Bureau: He added that Mr. The preparation of the RTCCat the earliest stage, to ensure that it meets all legal and policy requirements. Such amendments may be effected by an exchange of letters between the Dexkbook of Competition and the Deputy Director. This review is a crucial component of the exercise of independent prosecutorial discretion. The preparation of witness interviews. The Immunity Program is one of the Bureau’s most effective tools for detecting and investigating criminal activities prohibited by prosecition Competition Act.

Counsel assigned to the file will ensure that they update one another as to developments. Updates to the Crown Prosecutor’s Manual will be posted on this site as they are available.

Collectively referred to as the Crown Prosecutors’ Manual, these documents constitute the Attorney General’s instructions to all Crown prosecutors, and are designed to guide Crown prosecutors as they make discretionary decisions in respect of specific prosecutions.

More specifically, they will:.