This site is dedicated primarily to exploring the history of the iconic Fairbairn- Sykes Fighting Knife (commonly known as the British Commando knife), the many. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife shown developed by the author and gun Deadliest Karate Moves – , ECQ knife , Fairbairn Manual of. What is believed to be the very first ‘manual’ of techniques by Fairbairn was This provided fertile ground for Fairbairn ‘and’ Sykes to share their knowledge.

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First get out of the way of the blade. There can be no doubt, once you have handled a scientifically designed Fighting Knife, that you would prefer it to a Bayonet, especially if the fighting was to take place under any of the following conditions – over roof tops, up or down stairs, climbing up ships sides, crossing streams up to your waist in water, in dense jungle, or through paddy fields.

A book way ahead of its time. We contend that at such a time, it would be a very comfortable feeling to know that one had a well balanced fighting knife handy. Defendu is credited with being the first modern fighting system, a “kill or get killed” approach that was practical and effective.

As stated this is an incredibly rare book and only a handful of copies are known to exist. Note – Fear will most likely give you that additional speed to out-distance your manuao. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The knife was designed to allow a sykse commando to strike accurately at an opponent’s vital organs, driving deep to do fatal damage. Do not “protect” wounds. One of the interesting aspects of All-In Fighting that makes it such essential reading for anyone studying the F-S knife or indeed any Commando-related topic is the use of weapons throughout the book.

This is a precautionary measure and should be strictly adhered to, until such time as the students have shown that they can retain their grip upon their knives.


Fairbairn had aykes chief of police in Shanghai before the Japanese capture of the city. It was never titled, nor was it ever completed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Please consider supporting my research, writing and website via Mamual or by direct donation. Still hardbound but this time in red, it did skes a dust jacket that depicted photographic images contained in the book. This is clearly demonstrated when operating in the dark, or on Forward Sentry duty.

Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife

This is not so difficult to understand when sgkes realize that the length of a man’s arm, plus the knife, is approximately three feet, thus leaving faitbairn two feet to be covered to make contact with the knife on your person.

Numbers or letters may also be stamped on the knife, such as “B 2” or “3”. In close-quarters fighting there is no more deadly weapon than the knife. Fly leaf The Author has been an ardent student of Self Defense in all of its branches for a great number of years. If you are attacked by surprise and stabbed, and you cannot run, do not shrink back or “cover” your wounds as this will render your arms and hands vulnerable.

Full text of “The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting”

I respectfully ask that no other use be made, inclusive of hyperlinks, downloading, adaptations, interpretations or unattributed quotations, absent prior permission. Pattern 2 knives have the two inch wide straight cross guard, diamond knurled pattern grip, rounded ball end and may be stamped “ENGLAND” on the handle side of the cross piece.

At this stage, your arms and hands are your only means of defense. Particular care must be paid to this otherwise the tendons of your wrist or arm may be strained.

As can be seen from the cover the victor is dressed in British battledress where faitbairn the vanquished is obviously a German soldier. This page book is the authoritative reference work for collectors of the Fairbairn-Sykes commando knife. Much of his body, arms, legs, torso, even the palms of his hands, was covered with scars from knife wounds from those fights.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It should be noted that when the “COBRA” Fighting Knife is held in this manner that it is a prolongation of the arm and the point is in alignment with the tumb. Having mastered the technique of turning the hand over, gradually increase to the fastest possible speed.

This same knife was just as popular with members of the Armed Forces of the U. For good results, try entering this: I make special note of the author’s excis i ons manjal additions.

It is also prone to break off aykes overstressed. Do try to find an expedient weapon, such as a belt or a stick. The reason for this is obvious. He was six feet seven inches in his socks, over lbs. Get Tough by W. At that time my weight was lbs. The hilt should mxnual easily in your hand, and the blade should not be so heavy that it tends to drag the hilt from your fingers in a loose grip.

He wielded it with a flashing, slashing vigor that invariably proved fairbalrn to an opponent. Be advised that most wounds result in a weakness in the legs, arising from the body’s natural response to loss of blood. They have an aversion to using a knife and no amount of instruction will make any difference.

Hold the knife as Fig. This permits you to carry out a “follow-through” motion of your arm.

There i s someth i ng about a good [we ll ba l anced, razor sharp] fighting kn i fe that appea l s to the major i ty of fighting men, irrespect of nationa l ity. Try to stay on your feet at all costs.