Fair Play has ratings and 14 reviews. In co-operation with his daughter, the author of this text sets out to demystify the laws of supply and demand. “Should be required reading for every high school senior, politician and newspaper editor. The quality of your own thinking, and your ability to detect faulty. Chapter Two. of. Fair Play. by. Steven E. Landsburg. What Cayley Knows. Nearly every economist in America is appalled by Pat Buchanan’s revival of.

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But I don’t think my daughter would buy it. Well written and easy to understand even ladnsburg the economically inept. My daughter knows that all people are created equal, and that nobody’s right to prosper should be altered by being born on the wrong side of an imaginary national boundary line.

Landsburg’s columns in the online magazine Slate. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Landsburg teaches intermediate and advanced microeconomics at the University of Rochester. It’s a patchwork of essays about issues — basic human issues like fairness and justice and responsibility — that both parents and economists are forced to confront.

With his witty and instructive book The Armchair EconomistSteven Landsburg won popularity and acclaim by using economics to illuminate the mysteries of daily life, and using daily life to illuminate the mysteries of economics. This outcome, in obvious violation of common sense, is then evidence against the second principle.

Steven Landsburg – Wikipedia

Fair Play eBook Lance Cahill rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Parents — at least the kind of parents who encourage the lively exchange of ideas among family members — have ample opportunity to feel the same kind of joy. Landsburg lives in Rochester, NY. Account Options Sign in. But this argument subtly assumes that all Mexicans are identical; otherwise some would have special skills or preferences that allow them to prosper specifically in the United States even when conditions are superficially the same in falr countries.


Cutting off trade is exactly like closing the most efficient factories. She simply said she wanted it subsidized. If a jury’s judgment is later “proven” to be right, Landsburg suggested the jurors should be financially rewarded. Set up a giveaway.

Along the way, Landsburgwith his customary sharp wit and challenging logicpauses to reflect on an astonishing variety of issues in economic theory, the philosophy of parenting, the true nature of family values, and how to get the most out of life.

In the case of lamdsburg, the costs are borne by American workers who are hurt by falling wages and the benefits are reaped by American capitalists who profit from those same falling wages. June 21, Sold by: Is it because working mothers care less about their children’s future than stay-at-home mothers do?

If you accept cost-benefit analysis as a reasonable guide to policy and if you believe the textbook analysis has captured all the relevant costs and benefits then we have here an argument for free immigration. Robin landsbug it it was amazing Jun 14, It was a year when every major candidate wanted to increase the size and scope of government.

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The Ascent of Money: Click here to order a copy of Fair Play from amazon. In a wide-ranging, easily landsburrg, unbelievably contrarian survey of everything from why popcorn at movie houses costs so much to why recycling may actually reduce the number of trees on the planet, the University of Rochester professor valiantly turns the discussion of vexing economic questions into an activity that ordinary laandsburg might enjoy.

Can You Outsmart an Economist?: That’s a conscious echo of Wal-Mart’s own well-advertised policies. Only the most determined curmudgeon could read this without cracking a smile at least once. But here’s something odd: An analogous assumption about Americans — that all American workers are identical — would lead to thec onclusion that wages are already bid down to the level where employed and unemployed Americans are equally happy, and thus no American could be harmed by losing his job to foreign competition.

FAIR PLAY by Steven Landsburg | Kirkus Reviews

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Like the management of Wal-Mart, the Senator appears to subscribe to some bizarre notion that we should care more about total strangers who happen to reside in the United States than about total strangers who happen to reside elsewhere, and that if we can force those strangers to stay on one side of an imaginary line then we need have no concern for their welfare.


That’s what this book is landsbueg. Landsburg sheds the same critical light on everything from affirmative action to the rights of the unconceived. At one point, he tries to adjudge the number of forests to be saved by their price of admission!?? Fair Play By Steven E.

The answer is no. She got the point, and she developed a lasting and clear understanding of a fundamental moral issue that professors of economics frequently refuse to confront.

Landsburg also discussed recent research in micro-economics and its implications, as in an article on the value of mobile phones and drivingthe career cost of motherhoodand whether or not daughters as opposed to sons cause divorce.

To a conscientious professor, that’s the most joyful experience you can have in a classroom. Encouraging people to “buy American” is no different in principle from encouraging people to “buy white.

Or else I’ll ask why, in every culture, men are far more likely than women to commit suicide. Consumers were thrilled to learn that the new cars were better and cheaper than anything Detroit had to offer. He explains why children are a good thing, and why economic theory tells us we don’t have plag of them.

Silly folk songs notwithstanding, untutored youth is no great repository of wisdom. There’s no comfortable way to tell a ten-year-old that you’d prefer not to think about the problems of distant Mexicans. I believe that responsibilities arise when one undertakes them voluntarily. Lance Bertsch rated lansdburg it was amazing Nov 05, My daughter thinks that stinks.