The cagaitera (Eugenia dysenterica D.C.) is a native fruit species from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Its main use is for food, but it has medical, pharmaceutical. The aims of this work were to elaborate a fruit wine from cagaita (Eugenia dysenterica DC) pulp and to compare the fermentations conducted with free and with. The mature fruits of cagaita (Eugenia dysenterica) are harvested by hand. After cleaning (immersion in sodium hypochlorite ppm) and selection, the fruits.

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The dehydrated material was clarified with xylol and embedded in Paraplast Histosec, Merck. Kaysar and collaborators [ 35 ] eugennia that the lowest serum phosphate concentration is associated with laxative abuse, which occasions severe diarrhea, resembling that induced by ricin oil.

Nevertheless, aqueous extract and infusion did not cause any effect on intestinal transit, showing similar data to those eugenoa the negative control water. Similarly, Ribeiro evaluated the proximal composition of the cagaita pulp that was extracted with and without peels.

It was shown that the ethanolic extract of leaves of E.

Psidium guajava Red Malaysian Guava. Eugenia stipitata Araca Boi. Histopathological features of CA1 region of the hippocampus. Due to these findings, we believe that E.

Syzygium jambos Rose Apple. The most common cause of abnormal liver enzymes in the sick patient is secondary liver changes that arise from a primary nonhepatic disease [ 48 ]. After cleaning immersion in sodium hypochlorite ppm and selection, the fruits are depulped, packed in polyethylene bags, and freezing and stored at o C Fig. These methods are necessary because of the difficulty in comparing and measuring each compound separately and also because of the potential interactions between different antioxidants in the system.


Effect of CHE treatment on locomotor activity a and b and memory c and d of mice subjected to 90 days of aluminium exposure.

Close-up of the flowers Photograph by: Eutenia treated with CHE exhibited crescent memory retention according to the rise in concentration. Four- m-thick sections were obtained using a microtome and stained with hematoxylin and eosin.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Results imply therefore that CHE promotes memory retention without impairing motor skills. Due to its low lipid content, the cagaita fruit is recommended as part of a low calorie diet.

Moreover, the protective effect of CHE was similar to that of quercetin, which was taken as the standard. The mean value for each group was calculated and results obtained in the control and test groups were compared. CHE as well as quercetin exhibited similar results to that of the control group, which implies that ROS were unable to promote lipid peroxidation in these samples.

However, several in vitro methods have been and are being tested eguenia evaluate the total antioxidant activity of substances and foods, especially in complex matrices such as wine, fruits and other vegetables.

Eugenia dysenterica

Animals treated with the aqueous and ethanolic extracts also showed a significant increase in levels of chloride, by Psidium eugeniaefolia Purple Forest Guava. As expected, the moisture content in pulp extracted without peels was higher dgsenterica the moisture content in pulp with peels. Vertical bars represent standard error. The cagaita tree, belongs to the Myrtaceae family of plants, consisting of 14 genera and represented by species that naturally occur in the Cerrado.


Oxidative Medicine and Dysfnterica Longevity. Other researchers studying the cagaita fruit obtained similar results. Aspects such as short- and long-term memories are assayed in order to study memory retention capabilities, whereas locomotor, exploratory activity, and motor impairment are assayed to study the influence of the tested compounds in motor system.

Antioxidant and Neuroprotective Properties of Eugenia dysenterica Leaves

Tissue lesion in the intestine was classified by the occurrence of villi alterations and dysenteica or inflammatory process.

They fall from the tree when fully ripe, roughly at the start of the rainy season. Eucalyptus deglupta Rainbow Eucalyptus.

In general, phenolic compounds behaving as antioxidants are multifunctional, achieving bioactivity in several ways: Based on the results reported by several authors cited in this paper regarding the physical and chemical characteristics of the antioxidant action of the cagaita fruit, one can conclude that there is potential for therapeutic and medicinal applications.

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