Der SS-Staat: Das System Der Deutschen Konzentrationslager [Eugen Kogon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The subject of Eugen Kogon, and his famous book entitled Der SS-Staat has come up in the comments section of my blog, so I am going to tell. Buy Der SS-Staat by Eugen Kogon (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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For various reasons in the Lagers — not only at Buchemwald — political prisoniers had been chosen for performing many tasks and are therefore precious witnesses; many had been comunists which had been among the first to have imprisoned in Lagers. Kogen was purportedly a Christian Socialist and a propagandist on the U.

Duits socioloog Duits persoon in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Retrieved June 2, Dit blad bereikte snel een voor die tijd hoge oplage van Das System de Deutschen Konzentrationslager was one of the most significant sociological studies of the concentration camps to emerge in the first decade after the war.

Boria Banilenko, head of Communist youth groups in the Ukraine, member of the Russian committee. Kogon spande zich ook in voor de Europese integratie en was actief binnen de Unie van Europese Federalisten en de Europa-Union Deutschland, waarvan hij van tot de eerste voorzitter was. I have made the correction. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Later, Kogon supported the Eastern policy of the Social-Liberal coalition and actively promoted reconciliation with Poland and the Soviet Union.

Der SS-Staat : Das System der deutschen Konzentrationslager

Dachau trialsEugen KogonKonrad Morgen — furtherglory 4: Hier stond hij zelf op. For Kogon the camps were primarily designed to enable the SS to deal with their “opponents.

Begin kwam Kogon achter het bestaan van een lijst van gevangenen die de SS nog kort voor de bevrijding zou doodschieten. Conditions in the larger death camps, in ghettos, and on shooting grounds often bore little resemblance to Kogon’s portrayal of a Buchenwald-style camp system. Eugen Kogon’s psychosocial portrait of SS and prisoner behavior still stands out for its sophistication, and Kogon did not allow his proximity to the events and persons described to weaken the objectivity of the commentary he provided.


In this Program of the Volkspartei “popular party”they called for an “economic socialism on a democratic basis”, laying out an important basis for the Christian-socialist founding program of the Hessian Christian Democratic Union CDU koon, also for the Constitution of Hessewhich was finalized at the end of and provided for the nationalization of key staar.

Hans Eiden, Communist, from Trier, first camp elder. The camp was on wooded heights, with a wonderful view. Modern Language Association http: Stephan Heymann, Communist, from Mannheim, member of camp information office.

Werner Hilpert, Centrist, from Leipzig, member of the international committee in the camp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Der SS-Staat : Eugen Kogon :

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Eugen Kogon 2 Uegen — 24 December was a historian and a survivor of the Holocaust.

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Flower garden ,well fed inmates,library,even a whorehouse.

Kogon was an advisor there several years later. According to Kogon’s own statements, he klgon able to develop a relationship bordering on trust with Ding-Schuler, after becoming his clerk in Kogon was at his best in describing the processes of moral degeneration among camp inmates, the battles that they fought against each other, believing firmly that their survival depended on it, and the intergroup animosities deliberately sharpened by the SS in order to divide and rule.

Xer Baumeister, Social, from Dortmund, who for years had been a member of the Buchenwald Secretariat; second secretary of Block The same thing happened at Dachau.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Present at the reading were:.

Der SS-Staat – DER SPIEGEL 16/

The primary means for self-preservation described in the book, however, was to take part in or facilitate the corruption and sexual profligacy of the SS. In he had been among the first to be sent to Buchenwald.


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The book details the main actors in the Nazi machine responsible for the camp system, the categories into which prisoners were forced, and the daily conditions that they faced. He was arrested by the Americans and put into a prison at Dachau. I wrote about the Majdanek camp, which was located in the city of Lublin, on this blog post: Eugen Kogon, an Austrian Social Democrat and political activist, who was a prisoner in the Buchenwald camp from September to April Kogon was the main contributor to The Buchenwald Report, a page book about the Buchenwald camp which was put together in only four weeks by the US Army, after conducting interviews with over former prisoners at the camp.

Eugen Kogon

Despite this intensive involvement with the past, Kogon primarily chose to look ahead, toward building a new society—one that would blend with Kogon’s convictions of Christianity and socialism. Kogon testified during the proceedings in the Dachau Trials about the harsh treatment suffered by the prisoners at Buchenwald, although he was one of the privileged political prisoners who actually ran the camp.

Among other issues, he turned against the Wiederbewaffnungatomic weapons and the “madness of excessive armament”. In september richtte met Walter Dirks de Frankfurter Hefte op, een links-katholiek tijdschrift voor cultuur en politiek. Het boek werd in vele talen vertaald en werd alleen al in Duitsland meer dan The System of the German Concentration Camps”first published inwhich still stands as the basic reference on Nazi crimes.

I have corrected the error on my blog post. These persons approved its accuracy and its objectivity.