Der goldne Topf has ratings and 55 reviews. Manybooks said: From the many E.T.A. Hoffmann works of shorter fiction that we read and analysed in my. Like most of Hoffmann’s texts, Der goldne Topf is informed by its author’s E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University Press. E. T. A. HOFFMANN’S DER GOLDNE TOPF: ITS ROMANTIC MYTH. By Kenneth Negus. AMONG THE MANY new areas of literary art explored by German.

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He advocated an intertwining of the two. And maybe it’s part of the style, but I found it slightly weird and awkward that whenever using the passive perfect, the auxiliary verb would be left out. I have read that E.

Aug 12, Czarny Pies rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In this novella, or fairy tale as Hoffmann calls it, the imaginary part is really very unreal and exaggerated, therefore not a Among all the short stories, novellas and fictional books by Hoffmann that I’ve read in the original language German this has been the most difficult one.

Liebe und Eifersucht Undine. The tale leads the student Anselmus from his home in Dresden to the fantastic realm of a utopian Atlantis, showing how the hero deals with the discrepancy between his love for the enchanting snake-girl Serpentina and the bourgeois Veronika, between art and real life.

And while Veronika finally accepts a marriage proposal from Registrar Heerbrand, we at the end of Der goldne Topf learn that Anselmus and Serpentina are indeed now married, however while the two of them are indeed and happily residing at Lindhorst’s country estate in Atlantis, Lindhorst, the mythical Atlantis Salamander, must still remain in Dresden, must still remain separated from Atlantis, from the realm of myth, until he has married off his remaining daughters to appropriate, read romantic, poetic bridegrooms and please note that at least for E.

The novellawhich comprises twelve “vigils” chapters, literally “night watches”begins with the clumsy student Anselmus running through the Black Gate in Dresdenwhere he knocks over the basket of wares of a hideous old applemonger, scattering them in all directions. A Modern Fairytale Der goldne Topf. When she suddenly disappears, he is beside himself.

I love black cats: Aug 11, Emily Van Coolput rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Archivist realizes that Anselmus had been under the influence of a “hostile principle,” forgives him, and frees him from the bottle.

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Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. And therefore, while in and of itself, the mythical and romantic poetic realm of Atlantis, while the ideals of poetry, fantasy and imagination might not in fact ever be completely open to and for individuals like Heerbrand, Paulmann and Veronika, they are also and nevertheless presented in Der goldne Topf as never inherently negative, problematic or loathsome, but as pleasant, even-tempered, although perhaps and a trifle annoyingly unimaginative, rather mildly tedious personages.

Im Kontrast zu ihnen steht der Archivarius Lindhorst, der von seinen fantastischen Abenteuern berichtet und aus diesem Grund von niemandem ernst genommen wird, sich teilweise auch selbst von dieser ,irdischen” Gesellschaft isoliert. Anselmus and the narrator, who, as mentioned above, steps out of his role to become a character in the story, are able to break free of the world of the middle class and enter the Kingdom of Marvels. The only thing I regret, is the sad fate of a black cat.

Der Goldne Topf is, in fact a story about dreams and day jobs. The Archivist warns him explicitly that he must not spot any of the originals with ink from his pen.

This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat I would say that I had some problems with German with the magical parts: Some of the happenings and events were written so quickly that I just couldn’t even comprehend them. A bit weird, but also good. There, he meets Paulmann’s blue-eyed daughter, Veronika, who falls in love with him. His work consists of making exact copies of Arabic and Coptic texts that he cannot decipher.

Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot – German Literature

It can be fun when someone’s pulling your nose, but he tore mine off with this short work? Anselmus later chances to meet his friend, Assistant Headmaster Paulmann, who invites him de his home. I was never tantalized by the thought that they could, that they just might overlap.

An author must make them live and breathe fer the reader. Thus the search for a synthesis between the ideal and the real, between art and life has not been concluded at the end of Der goldne Topf.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not being a native German speaker made things even more difficult.


Der goldne Topf

Associate Headmaster Paulmann and Registrar Heerbrand belong to the to;f world but are not portrayed as hostile or blameworthy. I know, it is kind of a typical trait of the era, but that fact doesn’t make it more enjoyable, does it?

Hoffman saw things we could not have thought of and wrote them down in a way that compels us to believe them. No, she is in fact very much a dangerous and vicious enemy of Lindhorst, and golden specific and very targeted magic causes Anselmus to doubt himself, to doubt Lindhorst and his daughters, finally splashing ink on one of Lindhorst’s precious manuscripts, which to and for the latter entails such a major and unforgivable faux pax that the enraged magician imprisons Anselmus in a glass bottle like the prediction of the old apple monger, although thankfully, Lindhorst soon does realise hofgmann Anselmus has been under the influence of hostile, malevolent forces beyond his control and releases him from his crystal prison after having battled and overcome his enemy, the apple witch, and turning her of all things into a large and rather misshapen beet, not dder funny but delightfully mundane, lowbrow.


And while imagination, poetic striving and following one’s instincts are generally regarded as more important, more essential and as such more positive than being simply logical, Hoffmann also does not ever completely and absolutely reject reality and realism, but seemingly tries to find a golden mean and sorry, no pun intended with regard to the title, with regard to der goldne Topfa combination of fantasy and reality, of imagination and logic, a harmony of nature and modernity, with the poetic definitely situated above the prosaic, but the latter also not simply and hoffmajn being rejected out of hand either.

Wer hofmann dachte, dass Klassiker langweilig sind, toppf wird hier in den Bildern der neu entworfenen Welt des Autoren eines Besseren belehrt. The word is described beautifully – though it’s sometimes a bit messy. Refresh and try again. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

Open Preview See a Problem? German Wikisource has original text related to this article: The Salamander himself, however, must wait until his other two daughters are “off his hands” before he can return to this Kingdom of Marvels.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

It reminds me of Kubla Khan by Coleridge and of Gustave A strange symbolic story that so fluidly moves between dream world and reality. As punishment, the enraged Archivist imprisons him in a crystal bottle on a shelf in his library.

This short novella may be E. The story is composed of events.