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The ETA A2 is the upper-range automatic movement from ETA. It is commonly found in “upscale” Swiss watches, while the older and. Brand ETA Caliber Number A2 Base Caliber ETA Movement Type Automatic Jewels 21 Diameter 11 1/2”’ (mm) Height mm. For ETA Disassembly/Assembly Interactive Guide: click here. Elaborated Grade; Incabloc Shock System; Gilt Nickel Balance; Decorated with Geneva.

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It was based on the legendary Valjoux hand-wound chronograph movement that was developed and introduced 2892-a October 27th, 1. Mobile Apps iPhone iPad Android.

Where the ETA has, besides the chronograph function, a day and date feature, the ETA for example, comes with a month and moon phase indicator on top of that. Think escapements, winding eeta, regulating organ. Top 10 Watches Under 3, Euro. Even for large brands such as Omega that is a lot of money.

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ETA Auto Movement, — ETA A2/BS: Star Time Supply

In many cases, the ETA movements used by companies such as IWC and Tudorare heavily modified and finished up to their own high standards. October 27th, 3. Most watchmakers can work with ETA they probably even practiced on these a lot during their schooling and traineeshipsthe supply of parts for ETA movements is not exclusive to certified service departments only, and because there are so many, the costs are relatively low. Not only that, but they can also opt for certain technical solutions they prefer over the standards solutions.


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ETA caliber 2892-A2

These different grades reference the various levels of accuracy ETA can guarantee. October 28th, 9.

Selected articles New Rolex Models at Baselworld Briefly mentioned 292-a2 as one of the basis calibers for watches from Tudor, this is one of the most commonly used ETA movements for a lot of brands. Swiss Luxury Watches and Smart Technology. Mind you, in some cases it is not exactly clear that a watch manufacture is using an ETA based movementas they redub these caliber numbers to their own numbering.

Results 1 to 10 of Developing and manufacturing in-house movements means that they can tailor the movements in such way, it is a perfect fit to the watch they have in mind.

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ETA caliber A2 »

Often, this can be recognized by the line-up of the pushers and crown. The ETA also comes as a chronometer grade movement. An Unusual Love Story: This movement can be found in countless watches from all sorts of brands, it is — for many 2892-z2 the go-to movement if they need a solid workhorse. Oct 09, by.

Its really anything you care to post about this, just trying to expand my knowledge on it. ETA caliber A2 has been on the market for decades, and generally used in the more expensive watches from big brands.


We’d be glad to help. IWC, Omega, Breitling and several other well-known brands rely or relied on this movement for ages.

Their aim is to develop and create movements for watch manufactures, from relatively cheap quartz movements to mechanical movements with dta such as calendars and chronographs. Often, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and regarding movements, this can take up to years. The ETA Etx is a dedicated chronograph movement, meaning that it was designed and constructed as a chronograph movement and is not a piggy-backing movement as described above.

ETA movements: Great and reliable workhorses or mass production without soul?

The ETA rta the self-winding version and comes in a couple of flavors. Mostly generic movements, that are the same for several brands. Most of the newly introduced in-house movements need some time to proof themselves worthy, and often require many iterations along the way becoming a burden for some watchmakers, to keep track of the changes.