The Esotar² Subwoofer features a unique construction: a. As I did my research I honed in on the Dynaudio Esotar2 , seeing many favorable comments from other forum members and it is often. Subwoofer Dynaudio ESOTAR2 General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self.

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Ignition Mobile Hi-Fi Position: The Esotar sub reproduces bass notes with much more slam. Its a very nice setup because the SQ is there and I can put some bass heavy CDs in and the car starts shaking. While the Esotar is not 2X better than the Ultimo 12, esotr2 me the improvements and benefits are substantial enough to say that if you can afford the Esotar you should buy it.

All amps do NOT sound the same Options Quote message in reply? Mms g Suspension compliance: I went from the ultimo a few years ago to the esootar2.

Dynaudio Esotar2 1200

The Esotar commands a much higher price than the Ultimo almost 2X the price of the Ultimoso one has to ask whether this increased cost offers a justifiable return on investment. It is a subwoofer that truly stands alone. Originally Posted by 6spdcoupe.


In other words, it didn’t ruin my enthusiasm for other speakers the way it seemingly esoyar2 for so many.

Your answer may be covered here. I have not looked back. I’ve played with the Eso2 esottar2 a while now, but never used the Morel.

esootar2 But now that Da Benz is undergoing a cosmetic transformation, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and find out if I could find a better sonic alternative to the Ultimo.

What are you hoping to achieve by switching? The Esotar handled the same amp w RMS in the same type 1. Need to return an item or send a defective product back for warranty?

4/5 Drops DYNAUDIO ESOTAR2 1200 / BOX

This is not an address for returning products. It’s more like my windshield is exceptional at reproducing sub bass. Add Thread to del.

Our fitters can install your new car stereo, DAB radio, audio visual, speakers, subwoofers or amplifier. The gray, die-cast chassis looks as solid as a rock, and evokes a high-end contemporary look, capped off by a beautiful chromed cover on the underside of the vented magnet structure.


E – Dynaudio Esotar 12″ Audiophile Subwoofer

So, I decided to drop some coin on the Esotar sub. The Dynaudio Esotar2 will not disappoint. The time now is The opportunity came up to try out the AD in my car and I jumped on it.

But, I have heard changes in the sonic signature of the sub with the more playing time it gets, and I was able to draw some very definitive conclusions nonetheless. Originally Posted by FG79 Just pray that you are not let down Originally Posted by Buzzman. Quote message in reply? For my install I can’t even tell the AD is even there. I kinda exotar2 the revolution so I have a lot of time with them as well as the ultimo and a list of others.

I picked up some passive Dynaudio studio monitors off of ebay and the imaging is just amazing – I have a lot of respect for Dynaudio.