The 90 day game plan was developed by Eric Worre in September of Eric Worre is a network marketing Professional who has made over 15Million Dollars . 90 day Game Plan Commitment and Criteria September 9 December 9 Eric Worre built a $15m network marketing empire, as a result of 5x 90 day . I have been following you and Eric Worre on the topic and I’m in I am also launching a 90 day game plan in October, and would like a copy or.

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Stevidore and his mastermind team are about to end with a bang using Ray Higdon’s 90 Day Challenge activity tracker. I have no activity tracker and know this will just really show where results are received and up the volume of our business. I am ready and loving your 90 attack plan, I have no tracker so very excited to see what you have and the success that I will achieve following a leader in the industry like you!

Oh a 90 day Blitz! Ray, You are the best and looking forward to your activity tracker. Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing and all that you do for our industry. Hi Pablo, added u to my fb group as you requested.

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

Thanks Ray, Your down to earth common sense approach to training and motivating not only your team, but all in the industry 09 truly a blessing! We’re doing a 90 day challenge and would love to use your tracker. So kind of you to woree our profession growing strong! Thanks for sharing Ray! Keep up the good work.


Ray, we have a group of leaders here in PA and Erix who are doing a day blitz for our company. Hi Ray wonderful, the activity tracker will be helpful but just want to try it. Ray thanks so muchI look forward to crushing it for 90 days! I have work my businesses in 90 day blitz!

You are showing how to be a Creator and not a Competitor. It helps to truly energize MLM in 90 days. This is going to be the most important 30 minutes of your network marketing career in that what you will learn here is what we call a “game changer”!

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

eic As you may have heard, I am rocking a 90 day blitz with my network marketing team and it has created some serious buzz. I currently have an activity tracker and schedule of my edic, but I’m always open to learning new things from other leaders like yourself. That concept is simply this, “slow and steady never wins the race”. This is a great idea for you and your team. Yep being accountable to yourself is important for your overall success.

What a great asset to our team building. Can’t wait to see what’s in store in 90 Days! Looking foward to using this tool to help me grow and expand my business.


I appreciate having the tracker. Being accountable is number one Ray. You are an inspiration…keep up the great work! I have leaned so much in just the few short months that I’ve been following him. Please send activity tracker and blog. My brother and I are in business together and we love your pages.

I have never used an activity tracker before but I am looking forward to see yours. Ray, This was so much help. This is a very needed tool by so many.

Hi Ray, What great service you are giving to the Network Marketing community! I find these tools essential in helping my business Thrive! I was doing Network Marketing on a very part time basis until in when I was really doing it full time.

Hi Ray I am new to the post but I am totally impressed with the results people were able to get, and I would love to have a copy of your activity tracker as I need to focus my efforts into sticking to what works and not waste time in places that do not produce revenue. Thanks for the reminder. Ray, thanks for putting this out to ur list… Rob.