Fill epsq form globaltechnical instantly, download blank or editable List in preparation for completing; SF Questionnaire for National Security. Standard Form (SF) This completed worksheet must be returned in the manila enveloped addressed to “U.S. Naval Academy, Commandant of Midshipmen”. I had been taught when employees fill out SF’s via the EPSQ, the Sec. Mgr, creates an account for them and they complete their form and then send it.

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When I was a Sec. We re-verified all the information and then valided the application, that brought us to the last stage where we printed out two copies of the completed paper work.

Security Clearance – Manual SF or EPSQ? – Federal Career Planning and Development – Federal Soup

During the validation process, the Sec. I know it should be protected information because during the interview af with suspected history, the people who interview you on the info is not internally employees of the company.

But unlike the company epdq worked for we had the program downloaded into all the computers in the company and were set aside during training to fill it out by ourselves. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. If the information was to be shared with my co-workers and such, I might have a different opinion.

If this helps any. I have mixed feelings about it. All I can say is that I went to a panel interview recently for a job with a big federal investigative agency, and it was required that I bring a completed paper copy of an SF with me. Once we completed each step and it was excepted.


As those in the field know, the EPSQ application has been active now for about 6 years or so. NET This page was generated in 0. Join this active discussion with others climbing the same challenging career ladder. Are you looking to get promoted?

I had to re-do my SF86 and go through the clearance process again for my new federal job. I feel it is a breach of privacy act information and unethical at the very least. Consider ordering some helpful resources or read today’s top news stories on federal employee pay, benefits, retirement, job rights and other workplace issues by visiting FederalDaily.

One was signed and put into a sealed envelope by us and sealed to hand in.

Standard Form 86

Xf was surprised during the intake process when I was handed a manual SF by an Admin Assistant and told to fill it out and return it within a week. No other person saw our information unless we allowed it when asking for help with filling it out. I had personally done this via EPSQ for numerous employees at one of my former activities.

Friday, May 09, 8: Saturday, May 10, Like you, I wondered about this, especially when I was told that I would need to enter all of that into the e-qip system. Powered by YAF 2.

Federal Career Planning and Development Are you looking to get espq Mgr, creates an account for them and they complete their form and then send it electronically to the Sec. They may just have wanted me to know exactly the depth of information they needed, perhaps because lots of applicants drop out after seeing what they need to provide on the form.


Or how to increase your salary or get a pay raise? I was told they do this for all employees and the Asst. Need tips on resume writing to land a federal job? Mgr, I was not even allowed to do a local police check on an individual, as it was forbidden by regulation. You cannot create polls in this e;sq. I am not currently in one of these two positions but I have held both epzq the past at former activities.

My feeling is that I really don’t care if any employees involved in the hiring process see my information, since I have nothing that I’m afraid to admit to people in an interview, if they really want to know. Maybe a change sc your federal career? Saturday, May 10, 6: Aside from that, Security Managers are not investigators and have no authority to check up on people — that is what DIS is for.

Monday, March 30, 6: It’s almost like a circumvention of the processes in place. I was hired by my present agency from the contractor field where I already had a secret clearance. Previous Topic Next Topic. I was subsequently given a tentative offer, which I ended up declining, but I believe the reason I had to bring the form was so that the interviewing parties could tell right away if there were any security red flags that would impede my clearance. You may need to contact www.

You cannot vote in polls in this forum.