Hymn XI. Paradise can only be described in terrestrial terms, but it is essential to realize that these terms are purely metaphorical; to understand them in a literal. The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted! In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of. Hymn 1. This is the day that gladdened them, the Prophets, Kings, and Priests, for in it were their words fulfilled, and thus were the whole of them indeed.

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This is great, above all evils says wyrian Evil One, concerning our Saviour ; for this suffices Him not that He has spoiled us, but likewise on us He has begun retribution for Jonah son of Amittai. Who would not fear to lay it to You that You are forward? Srian is Your flock, since You are the gate thereof, and You are the staff thereof. For whoever is like this clear One, wakeful and prayerful in darkness, him in this darkness visible a light unseen surrounds!

Josh rated it liked it Jul 15, In the seventh year, the clouds and winds rejoiced with us and sprinkled the dews over the flowers, for they saw the Son who enslaved His brightness and received disgrace and foul spitting. Is it this that has come to pass? The Morning Star cast its bright beams among the darknesses, and led them as blind men, and they came and received a great light: Let us not count our vigil like vigils of every day.

Whilst He was increasing in stature among the poorfrom an abundant treasury He was nourishing all! David, that stately king, took branches, and in the feast among the children epnrem he danced, he gave praise. Let us adore Him Who sat down and took rest; and walked in the way, so that the Way was in the way, and hymhs Door also for them that go in, by which they go in to the kingdom. If you are a hymnwriter, a liturgist, a preacher, or a poet, you need to read this book.

In His love He multiplied [the days of] the aged Simeon; that he, a mortal, might present Him who quickens all. Hymns by Ephrem the Syrian. Blessed be He Who dwelt in the womb, and wrought therein a perfect Temple, that He might dwell in it, a Throne that He might be in it, a Garment that He might be arrayed in it, and a Weapon that He might conquer in it.


All men complain much against me; and I against one only have complained. For the Virgin this day brought forth Immanuel in Bethlehem. Over you — Isaiah too exults in his prophecy —Lo a Virgin shall conceive and bear — a Son Whose name is great mystery!

All sydian you hear told about this Paradise, so pure and holy, is pure and spiritual. In the twenty-second year, let arms and the sword praise You: I by myself alone have conquered multitudes, and one may single-handed seek to conquer me?

Moses was meek, and [yet] his zeal was harsh, for he struggled and slew.

Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns – Saint Ephraem (Syrus) – Google Books

All that have been raised were not first born; for our Lord is the First-born of Sheol. You helped them that called You not.

Blessed be Mary, who without vows and without prayerin her Virginity conceived and brought forth the Lord of all the sons of her companions, who have been or shall be chaste and righteous, priests and kings. Let the fourth day praise, first among the four — His Birth Who created as the fourth day — the two lightgivers — which fools worship, and are sightless and blind.

The lords of slaves never once persuaded me to take a slave instead of his lord, and a poor man instead of a rich man, or an old man instead of a child. He that gives all to drink went in, and gat thirst. Adam will rejoicefor You are the Key of Paradise.

Glory to the Son of the Good One, Whom the sons of the evil one rejected! Ephrem wrote a wide variety of h Ephrem the Syrian was a Syriac deacon and a prolific Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian of the 4th century from the region of Syria. Intelligence is like a treasurer who carries on his shoulder the keys to learning, syriaj a key to each locked door, opening with ease even the most difficult- skilled in what is manifest, well instructed in what is hidden, training souls ephrrm enriching creation.

Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns

Blessed be Your Majesty, that humbled Itself, and rose from the poor! No harmful frost, no scorching heat is to be found in that blessed place of delight; it is a harbor of joys, eephrem haven of pleasures; light and rejoicing have their home there; gathered there are to be found harps and lyres, with shouts of Hosanna, and the Church crying “Alleluia.


The bread which the First-born broke in the wilderness, failed and passed away though very good. When they stand before You, the watchers with songs of praise — they know not in what part, they shall discern You.

Let the nations praise Your Birth, that they have gained eyes to see — how their wine has made them reel; and they have seen their own humiliation?

Hymns on the Nativity

Ephrem’s importance for the history of Syriac literature, and for the history of Christianity in the Syriac-speaking context, is immense. My brethren, consider the wind: Flesh stood aloof because it perceived in the womb a Conception from the Spirit. His language can be strikingly explicit, using strong sexual metaphors in his arguments for ephre. Arise, go forth, let us fight with Him, for this were to us a reproach, that we being many should be overcome by one.

Your Image is shadowed forth in the blood of the grapes on the Bread; and it is shadowed forth on the heart with the finger of lovewith the colors of faith. Cheerful was He with the little ones as a child; awful was He with the Angels as a Commander: Like many of the fathers, measured by modern standards, he is quite long winded, and the gems of his thinking are scattered over volumes of writing.

In their simplicity they listened to his words eagerly, for he made a show of his care, but hid well his guile. Your day when it had visited us and passed, and gone away, in its mercy returned and visited us again: When there the Magi received, commandment to go epbrem seek Him.

The soul of kings I snatch and I go forth. Satan saw her and trembled, and hasted to trouble her. Travail Adam on the woman brought, that from him had come forth. Reading Sacred Scripture confers on us two gifts: David Your father sung in a psalm of You before You had come, that to You should be given the gold of Sheba.

Naked and bare came forth from her the Clother of all. He chose the Prophets; they cleared the way for the people: The whole creation became mouths to Him, and cried concerning Him.