Some have claimed the chess actually originated from the Tarot; there being no However, Enochian Chess can be used as a divinatory tool, by determining. Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess. Rules of Play. Preface. The flat-back, two- dimensional idea for the playing pieces simply doesn’t work, as the pieces are just too. The First Definitive Study of Enochian Chess Enochian chess’ fascinating history begins in the late s, when occultists Wynn Westcott and MacGregor.

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In Coptic her name is Neuphthusest. As in most openings, P4c is vulner- able. This fourth Ship is called Vrihannauka.

Enochian Chess

But as the latter develop force as the matter proceeds towards ulti- mation, the Queen when protected is not likely to be destroyed by an opposing and threatening Bishop. Exchange of Prisoners Two opposing players who have both captured enemy kings may agree to an exchange of prisoners.

However, she decided that it would not be a publishable book in that form and opted for a basic introduc- tion to the two areas. Do not, however, look lightly on the value of having four elemental chessboards.

Bishops may not take Queens because the Knight is covering the 4c squares. Each major piece had a unique name and design taken from Egyptian mythology and all the pieces were painted in four-color paint schemes.

Regarding any ‘non-divination’ non-magickal rules, these actually exist historically in the Alpha Omega GD instructions and are called the ‘Lesser Battle Formulae’ so I can see little point inventing a new version of them?

Log In or Join. Think twice if your opponent makes a seemingly non-offensive or fool- ish move; it could be bait. Water and Earth will have quite a fight on their hands. He has a red cross on his white robe, wears purple and yellow arm bands and sits on a yellow throne and base.

Paul, MinnesotaU. Example 3 An opening that becomes a quick middle- and endgame. Concourse of Bishoping A perusal of the eight possible arrays reveals that opposing bishops are bound on opposite colors. Figure 9 depicts the front of an example piece. Horus, the black knight. Example 3 b Counter to Hoor defense. You can help out by making a small donation or by using this site’s affiliate links when you shop at ebay.


However, Earth takes a pawn but fails a King capture. In move 4, Air could have moved P4c to avoid a pawn loss from an eventual NxP.

The king, castle and knight move the same as they do in modern chess, while the bishop always moves two squares diagonally. The Rajah moves one square in any direction. In her left hand she holds a green lotus wand with a red top and in her right she has a green ankh. One pair operates the passive elements Water and Earth and the other pair operates the active elements Air and Fire.

Full text of “Enochian Chess”

The four Queens, the Watery portion of their respective Elements govern cheess them every Square of every board. Fire gets the message and quickly moves with a P3c. The players with the second and third highest total on the dice determine the composition of the teams.

All this will be discussed fully in Part III of this book. The collar is yellow, blue and red striped.

Enochian chess – Wikipedia

If you prefer to have your flashing boards without their attributions painted on them, perhaps you could draw up a reference chart that you can keep near your boards when playing. This opening appears conservative and initially safe for all players. My own researches enocnian it around the 5th or 6th century AD. She is seated on an orange and blue throne which has a blue base.

The game, while complex, was in actual use; Georgie Yeats, wife of poet William Butler Yeatsrelates actually playing the game as a part of her occult training in Golden Dawn circles. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. cehss

Priviledged Pawn If a player is reduced to a king, a queen, and a pawn; a king, a chss, and a pawn or a king and a pawn, then the pawn is considered to be priviledged. Fire’s fool- ish opening leaves Air vulnerable, but Air manages to escape from this unscarred.


Later works of poetry such as Shahnama also describe chess history as well. The player with the king in check may move another piece only if the king is blocked by friendly pieces so that it cannot be moved out of check.

Example 1 enochuan 1 A straightforward exchange with Water next to move. Each elemental Constructing Your Chessboards 31 set can be identified by coloring it the color of the elemental angle that it represents. Quite an organized arrangement, but the version given above from move 7 shows that, if Water had followed suit in move 7, Air would have also been able to do so, and Water and Earth would Part II enochixn Book of Air have suffered. If playing on the fire or earth boards then only ” While I was compiling material for my book, Pat Zalewski had been kind enough to send me color photographs of the Enochian chess set used in the Whare Ra Lodge which was derived from the Golden Dawn hcess that Dr.

The chessboards and their arrangements 1. It is the hidden or subliminal aspects of the chessboards that turn the mundane into the magical, a term I do not use lightly. Their impor- tance, meanings and use are varied when using them for div- ination or magic.

But if the opposition plays well in defen- sive moves, the game can be long and difficult. His skin is colored green. When Chris first put this book together, it was outlined in such a manner that those interested in a four-handed chess game, but with no occult leanings, would find the book as inter- esting as would an occultist.

So I felt my little book rather incomplete.