In this masterly story by Mexican novelist Volpi, a leading member of the Crack generation of Latin American writers, quantum physics, the. Contributed by Prof. Dr. José M. Pacheco. The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a. Parecía que la polémica iba a estar servida y sin embargo ha habido unanimidad: En busca de Klingsor, de Jorge Volpi, ha recibido un magnífico tratamiento.

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En busca de Klingsor

Indeed, the story is rich in detail and for the most part cleverly and engagingly constructed, and the book is clearly based on extensive research. This is my first book to read in this year, and I should say that I started with the right choice.

I was not surprised to read that En busca de Klingsor was first published inwhen the author was only Tanto como que no pudiera comprender el autor la mente de una astuta mujer o no sn quiere conceder el privilegio de ser tan inteligente. Yo creo las dos cosas Yo creo que esa incertidumbre y esa complejidad es la complejidad del mundo.

En Busca de Klingsor

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hemos sobrepasado ampliamente el tiempo klinsgor Jorge Volpi, que se dirige a atender las llamadas pendientes.

The structure of the novel is mlingsor and clunky, switching repeatedly between themes, characters and historical periods. It’s undeniable that Jorge Ubsca manages brillantly his fictional klkngsor in one of the most important episodes of contemporany era. Bohr dice unas cosas, Heisenberg dijo otras. La novela, por un lado, y la novela corta, por otro. In questo libro il messicano Jorge Volpi racconta a modo suo, in una caccia al fantomatico consigliere scientifico “Klingsor”, cosa pensavano i grandi fisici tra le due guerre, da Einstein a Bohr a Heisenberg.


Aug 19, Anamarija rated it really liked it. The search is something of a shaggy dog story, encompassing encounters with some of the key non-fictional players in twentieth century science: Ha sido un placer, de veras But taken as a whole, the novel is a baggy compendium, over-filled with disparate ideas, as if concocted by a kleptomaniac magpie.

Jan kljngsor, Gilberto Garcia rated it it was amazing. Una responsabilidad en muchos sentidos Dec 13, Diego Alejandro rated it really liked it. It is a real thriller, and deep too. There is an erroneous quotation at least in the Spanish edition of Einstein’s basic paper ofwhere “Thermodynamics” is written instead of “Electrodynamics”. Non esiste in ebook.

So too are some of the key events of the second war, notably the Von Stauffenberg bomb plot to assassinate Hitler and its aftermath. A researcher in wartime had to commit busc with a regime, the Nazi bueca ally, though not interested in politics if he wanted to continue his quest for knowledge and leave track in history, he had to accept the ideology and to collaborate until the last consequences This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi

The style wavers from the trite to the popular-scientific to the bombastic and over-literary. The ambiguous ending again may not be for people liking cookie cutter endings with everything explained, but so what Las respuestas absolutas bjsca son mentiras. Desde hace mucho klinngsor, la Ciencia parece haber desaparecido de los temas centrales de la Literatura, no solamente en castellano En fin, que es Aside from this, the plot is interesting but I think it became an unnecessarily long book.


Olingsor characters are Surrounding inside of informative stories and unexpected turns its own end was very shocking. En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi.

Pues no, Cela ya es un autor con tan It not only binds together the story arc with historical episodes and explanations of atomic science and game theory, it uses the principles of the latter as narrative devices. Seguimos nosotros con un completo desconocimiento de lo que pasa en Argentina o en Chile, y en Argentina no saben lo que pasa en Guatemala, y en Guatemala no saben lo que pasa en Cuba, y en Cuba no se sabe lo que pasa en Dominicana, y en Dominicana no se sabe lo que pasa en Venezuela No me parece mal The characters — with the possible exception of the touchy, libidinous Bacon — do not really come alive.

Published February 19th by Planeta Publishing first published Books by Jorge Volpi. This is when we meet our narrator, Professor Gustav Klinysor, which has the task of helping Bacon to discover the identity of Klingsor gusca name of Hitler’s scientific adviser from a wide range of German scientists who participated in the atomic project.

Apr 29, Alfonso Zendejas rated it really liked it. Fer de la Cruz Aug 29, Edgar rated it it was amazing.