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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN EN at Engineering BS EN Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids – Technical delivery conditions Part 2: Pipes of requirement class B. BS EN ICS NO COPYING WITHOUT BSI PERMISSION It supersedes BS EN which is withdrawn.

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Lengths of pipe with outside diameters D smaller than ,3 mm shall be weighed either individually or in convenient lots, at the discretion of the manufacturer. Pipes of requirement class A. EN and EN For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies.

BS EN Steel pipes for Pipelines for Combustible Fluids – MBA智库文档

The percentage elongation after fracture shall be reported with reference to a gauge length of 5,65 0S where S0 is the initial cross section of the gauge length. The choice of the test method is left to the discretion of the manufacturer. Test method EN The sum of the diameters of all such permitted individual imperfections in any mm or 12 T of weld length, whichever is the smaller, shall not exceed 6,0 mm or 0,5 T whichever is the smaller, where the separation between individual inclusions is less than 4 T.

For example, rich gas or two-phase fluids may require additional testing to be carried out. In this case, the analysis method to be used shall be agreed taking into account the relevant existing European Standards. For offshore applications and other applications outside the scope of EN and ENother standards may be applicable, e.

The examination shall be carried out under sufficient lighting conditions by trained personnel with satisfac- tory visual acuity to verify the conformity of the pipes with the requirements of 8. The qualification shall be in accordance with EN or, at least, an equivalent to it.


However, account should be taken of the fact that the behaviour of the steel during and after welding is de- pendent not only on the steel, but also on the welding consumables used and on the conditions of preparing for and carrying out the welding. Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service. In special cases, the verification of the manufacturing procedure either by available data or in accordance with Annex A may also be agreed.

It shall be calculated according to the for- mula: In this case known as the “two lambda” methodthe depth of the notches shall be twice the wavelength at the ultrasonic frequency in use, given by: You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or It is recommended that the level 3 personnel be certified in accordance to EN or, at least an equivalent to it.

The weld repair work shall be performed using an approved and qualified procedure which, in the case of normalized or quenched and tempered steels, may be based on the recommendations given in EN and EN CEV of 0,43 may be agreed. Users of British Standards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions.

Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN Weld beads shall be ground flush, local imperfections may be removed, but mill scale should not be re- moved from the test pieces. Pipes of requirement class B BS EN is the European standard that specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless and welded steel pipes for the on land 102088-2 of combustible fluids primarily in gas supply systems but excluding pipeline applications in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The ability of such equip- ment to detect misalignment shall be demonstrated. Manufactured as seamless pipes fn as welded pipes. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?


The frequency of testing is to be agreed. Unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquiry and order, the choice of a suitable physical or chemical ana- lytical method for the product analysis 1028-2 be at the discretion of the manufacturer. At the discretion of the manufacturer, a circumferen- tial tape or a caliper gauge may be used.

List of standards Mass calculator Fundusze europejskie. BS EN is the European standard that specifies the technical delivery conditions for 100208-2 and welded steel pipes for the on land transport of combustible fluids primarily in gas supply systems but excluding pipeline applications in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Site map News Contact. Copyright Copyright subsists in all BSI publications.

PN-EN ,2 ||| Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids

Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained on application to the CEN Management Centre or to any CEN member. It is the constant aim of BSI to improve the quality of our products and services.

After grinding the remaining wall thickness in the dressed area shall be checked for compliance with 8. NOTE As long as existing national design codes specify testing temperatures for the impact and DWT test different from those specified in this document, the necessary 1028-2 may be agreed.

Revisions British Standards are updated by amendment or revision.

BS EN 10208-2:2009

Take the smart route to manage medical 100208-2 compliance. By agreement, fluoroscopic methods are permitted, but only when the manufacturer can demonstrate equivalence to the X-ray film technique. In cases where the seal is made on the outside or inside diameter of the pipe the following for- mula shall apply: