JUAN VILLORO comenta de este libro: ” Si la admiración es un delito, Julio Villanueva Chang debe pasar el resto de su vida tras las rejas. Sin embargo, no se. Julio Villanueva Chang is the founding editor of Etiqueta Negra Magazine, He has published Elogios Criminales, a collection of his profiles, among other. “Elogios Criminales”, Villanueva Chang – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The second of the five parts of the profile introduces Villanueva Chang himself as a character.

Villanueva Chang, Julio [WorldCat Identities]

There is also a sixteen-year old boy who writes poetry and sings in the city’s buses. In criminqles third paragraph, Villanueva Chang introduces himself into the narrative as the interviewer. Fuentes citadas Egan, Linda. The novelist Alfredo Bryce Echenique also included him in one of his novels.

He occasionally turns his gaze onto the dentist, relating how this unexpected visit changed his life: In it, Villanueva Chang describes the underworld of alcoholics and prostitutes that one can see at night in downtown Lima. The profile ends with del Barco crying like never before: He spoke about the writer with familiarity, admiration, and without fake reverence.

In this respect, the chronicle exceeds not only the generic limits of the essay but also of history, journalism, sociology, anthropology, metaphysics, comparative religion, philosophy, and other assertive genres.

Villanueva Chang explains that his grandfather, like all Chinese men, was a gambler. La temperatura del lenguaje: He begins the letter with a nostalgic anecdote: In line with his usual humorous tone, Villanueva Chang satirizes that the popularity ratings of opera and President Alejandro Toledo in Peru are similarly low, and then accuses the tenor of not being able to distinguish between good and evil because he likes Julio Iglesias’s sense of melody.


Lada nacional sin costo: In it, he uses his grandfather’s one hundredth birthday to villanheva on his own Chinese ethnic background. Therefore, as stated, the figure of the mayor is a narrative excuse to talk about Colombian national psychology, corruption, and Latin American politics.

“Elogios Criminales”, Villanueva Chang – Free Download PDF

It chqng for this reason that I consider this key figure in the revival of the Latin American chronicle and profile a neo-conceptista writer. By contrast, on the day of the interview in Florida, the tenor was quiet and elogiow Chronicles and Profiles, an anthology of his chronicles published in the journal El Comercio between andand Elogios Criminales Crominales Praise, another anthology of seven profiles published by Random House Mondadori, Mexico.

They also teach him things about himself that he can later use in his research workshop. Five years after meeting the dentist for the first time, they meet again in Florida, after the family had to leave the country for fear of the Colombian terrorist group Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARCwho were not fond of their Evangelist preaching in popular neighborhoods.

“Elogios Criminales”, Villanueva Chang

The energetic tenor, we learn, goes into a stand-by mood when he is not singing. The first sentence describes a demystifying scene: Villanueva Chang summarizes the experience of eating at El Bulli with the following two sentences: She also has to avoid swindlers who try to take tourists’ money and whistling macho men.

As is common in Villanueva Chang’s profiles, he mentions the horoscope this time the Chinese version to point out that he was born in the southern Chinese provinces of Guangdong, under the sign of the pig, in But this time there is a slight twist to it: From her window, she can see Calle Tarata, where Sendero Luminoso killed twenty-five persons and injured two hundred more.

And he often uses the person in the profile as a pretext to expose deeper truths. While these appearances interrupted his writing for Etiqueta negrathey also allowed for deeper conversations with her dying mother.


In the chef’s words, he enjoys giving interviews because it saves him money in psychoanalytic therapy. Impreso Iwasaki Cauti, Fernando.

But there is a recent profile that also provides valuable information about his idea of chronicle writing: Most people, he reminds his grandfather, do not know the difference between the various Asian nationalities, even though Chinese traditions are now part of Peruvian leogios The profile also deals with Colombia in general, including the drug-trafficking problem, the history of its long-lived violence and of people’s tolerance with criminality, the origin of the FARC guerrilla, and other relevant issues.

With his typical sarcasm, Villanueva Chang concludes his profile by stating: She lost her mother in the accident, but one of the things chzng still hurt her is the sensationalist articles that were written by the press about the incident.

Villanueva Chang does not usually deal with Chinese topics or people in his writings and he only added his second surname to his signature once his mother died. Then, Villanueva Chang enumerates the cities where del Barco has lived.

Villanueva Chang, Julio 1967-

We learn about Salcedo’s past and present through yet more paradoxes: Del Barco finally moved to Los Angeles, where she experienced an earthquake of seven cri,inales. Villanueva Chang is considered one of the best Spanish-language chroniclers. He sleeps covered by cardboard and guarding his two collections of poems, by the same door where he was abandoned when he was four months old.