El delincuente honrado (Spanish Edition) [Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El delincuente honrado. Some years ago J. Polt drew attention to Jovellanos’ description of his play El delincuente honrado as a “comedia tierna” or “drama sentimental. If comedy. El delincuente honrado by Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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Although El delincuente honrado might in places seem Romantic, it would be a mistake simply to consider it an early appearance of the dramatic system of Hugo, Rivas, and Zorrilla.

More specifically, Jovellanos’ opening scenes strongly recall Diderot’s, in which Dorval decides to leave early in the morning because of his guilty love for Rosalie. Voltaire himself, while quite aware of the nature of the jovellaos, was far from consistent in his attitude toward them, using his critical opinions as weapons in personal feuds The time of the play extends slightly over the limit of twenty-four hours: Justo has already been established as an incorruptible judge, humane and enlightened, but rigid in his jovelalnos to duty.

Justo lives fully his social role, his conditionthat of judge; hence the poignancy of his being compelled to condemn his own long-lost son.

The same is true of Jovellanos, whom we can count among the followers of. Of course the actual staging of such events would make it necessary to abandon at least the unity of time; as it is, the genuine drama of Torcuato is already past, and the play can only discuss what is to be done with him.

A moi, quelque chose d’heureux! Jovellanos himself, in a preface to the edition of his play, writes: They were consistently unwilling to view him as a figure, like Feijoo, dramatically astride the old and the new, balancing in uneasy truce the contradictions between faith and reason, between the calls of religion and patriotism and the ideals of the Enlightenment.

El delincuente honrado : comedia

Like the French drames with which it must be grouped, it belongs to a school without direct posterity 61 ; like them, it retains considerable interest as an experiment in a freer theater with social implications. Like Torcuato, Durimel is a victim of fate: The demands of this honor must therefore be complied with, all the more rigorously when they are not in accord with the laws.


It would seem that Jovellanos, moving from the abstract plane to the concrete, set up opposing concepts husband, judge, father, etc. It forms only the antecedents of the play, made known through lifeless narration.

Mercier exploits the possibilities of this conflict more than does Jovellanos; there is some doubt as to whether Saint Franc will avail himself of the opportunity to escape with his son, although he determines finally to sacrifice Durimel, cheering himself with the assurance that the example of his death will do more good than could his life.

Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (Author of El Delincuente Honrado)

His attitude is essentially Montesquieu’s: Jovellanos may have been familiar with this play also, especially since it was jovel,anos literary repercussion of the Jean Calas case, of which he must have been aware. This sacrifice of dramatic potential does not necessarily indicate a lack of dramatic talent, but it reinforces the view that what interested Jovellanos was precisely the legal-philosophical aspect of his story.

Somoza’s statement is of course at least partially correct, but one suspects that it may be an echo of honeado disputes concerning Jovellanos’ religious orthodoxy. Sedaine, however, unlike Jovellanos, has known how to case this circumstance not only for purposes of social propaganda i.

This spirit of moderation informs Jovellanos’ other writings as well. And when he discovers that the judge who condemns him is his father and the seducer of his motherhe cheerfully adjusts to this new revelation of his destiny. The two plays have in common a sentimental, tearful tone, and a conviction on the part of the protagonist that he is the victim of an honeado destiny Each converses with his servant joevllanos makes a point of looking at his watch.

Visor de obras.

The remarks which follow are intended to provide some materials for such evaluation. His opinions and Justo’s increase the piquancy of their situations.

Persistent cookies honradi stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. In this predicament, he resorts to royal clemency as a solution for his protagonist, a solution foreseen by Montesquieu: In he wrote his patriotic tragedy, Pelayo ; and as late as ell was still active in the dramatic exercises of his students at the Real Instituto Asturiano 9.

The sentimental and moral qualities of the work have already been noted; it must, however, be remembered that the entire moral -or moralizing- direction which Jovellanos gives it forms part of a concept of theater which he holds in common with his French models.


Jovellanos ” El Delincuente honrado” | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. Quel est l’objet d’une composition dramatique? It will be seen that delincuene correspondence between Mercier’s play and Jovellanos’ is extremely delincuete in the general outline of plot, in the wording of at least one scene, in some details, and in the dual roles assigned to the two chief characters morally innocent criminal, father-judge.

Olavide was also the subject of a brief biographic sketch by no less an Encyclopedist than Denis Diderot, who gives us an interesting account of his friend’s library: No better or more concise summary of the plot of El delincuente honrado could be devised than Ticknor’s:.

From the above it will have become clear that El delincuente honrado corresponds very closely to a specific period in the intellectual and literary history of Western Europe, a period of optimism in which Reason, guided by a sentimental compassion for the misfortunes of men, was deemed a sufficient tool for the betterment of the world.

These resemblances, in view of what we already know of Jovellanos’ adherence to Diderot’s dramatic theories, are too obvious to be the result of chance. The works of Voltaire were for honrafo in toto by the Inquisition of Toledo inthis prohibition extending even to those who had dispensation to read forbidden books; although by one of those curious quirks of the censorial mind, translations of his plays were tolerated if the author’s name was not mentioned There are melodramatic scenes such as the recognition of father and son in the gloom of the prison, the tearful pleas of Laura for the salvation of her husband, and the suspense of the characters who wait for the signal of Torcuato’s execution as the successful Anselmo is speeding back to them with the royal commutation.