2 Heavy Concerns about ECE-R 64 with TPMS –The ECE R64 is about temporary use spare wheels / tires. It is not made to specify TPMS. –There are two. R Temporary use spare unit, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre http:// ECE R Supplement 2 Temporary use spare wheels/tyres, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre pressure monitoring system.

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The customer can enjoy a system that causes no further costs over the entire lifespan of his vehicle. If he has run-flat tyres fitted to his vehicle, he may – in principle – drive home again or to a suitable tyre dealer to have the tyre replaced.

Additional information about the significance of the low tyre pressure warning tell-tale illuminating and a description of the corrective action to be undertaken if this happens. Contact Visit us at: Annex 2 to this Regulation gives examples of approval marks.

ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 1

If applicable, name and address of the Manufacturer’s representative: The vehicle shall be brought to a halt and the ignition switched off. After not less than 20min and not more than 40 minutes bring the vehicle to a complete standstill with the engine switched off and the ignition key removed for not less than 1 minute or more than 3min.

NET Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation. Reset the system in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.

For vehicles equipped with cruise control, the cruise control shall not be engaged during testing. If the warning performance of indirect measuring systems is as good as that of those measuring directly, and so at incomparably more favourable prices, rce are the expensive direct measuring systems still on the market?

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

g64 The warning signal shall be activated when the ignition start switch is in the “on” run position bulb check. Model B See Paragraph 4. The test requirement is satisfied if the system delivers an alert by the time the pressure drop has reached kPa. The normal frequency of these verifications shall be at least once per year.


The Administrative Department shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production before type approval is granted.

By the end of it was used in more than The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in Paragraph 8 are not complied with. If necessary, drive the vehicle until the tell-tale has been extinguished.

Vehicle type if applicable, variants that are included: It may be a: For vehicles having at least four wheels, the load capacity of the temporary-use spare unit shall be at least equal to one half of the highest of the maximum axle loads of the vehicle; if its use is restricted wce a wce axle mentioned in the instructions in Paragraph 6.

The tell-tale must illuminate and remain illuminated as long as the ignition locking system is in the “On” “Run” position. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have appreciable adverse effects and that in any event the vehicle still complies with the requirements; or 7. The application for approval of a vehicle type with regard to its equipment with: Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards eve legislation.

Following a stabilisation period of between 2 and 5min the pressure P shall be rechecked and r6 if necessary. Penalties for Non-conformity of Production Any tyre pressure monitoring system fitted on a vehicle shall comply with the requirements of Regulation No. Alternatively a single warning symbol arranged in accordance with the diagram below, shall be permanently displayed ecr the outer face of the wheel in a ecd position. Under normal conditions, both systems function well. A retrofit installation into a vehicle is not yet possible.

Tyre pressure detection for incident-related pressure loss puncture test. What must be considered when changing a tyre? A runflat tyre shall be tested in the fully deflated condition.

The warning signal must be visible even by daylight; the satisfactory condition of the signal must be easily verifiable by the driver from the driver’s seat. Road Test Surface The road shall have a surface affording good adhesion. Provided that the motorist has a tyre sealant – such as IMS Instant Mobility System – on board, he may continue his journey in the majority of cases until there is an opportunity to have the tyre checked by a specialist. A dash and the approval number to the right of the markings prescribed in Paragraphs 4.


Our fast and easy means of purchasing up-to-date global vehicle and component standards and regulations on a pay-as-you-go basis. Low Tyre Pressure Detection Phase 2.

Modifications and Extension of Approval of the Vehicle Type 8. Lower case text dce at least have a line height of 5mm. This requirement does not apply to tell-tales shown in a common space. The high reliability of these systems makes the occurrence of a breakdown of Warnair extremely improbable. The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the vehicle data plate affixed by the manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions about DUNLOP TECH Warnair

Some customers wish to have the tyre pressure value indicated on the dashboard or that tyre pressure monitoring is effected by the system even when the vehicle is stationary, neither of which comfort features is fulfilled by an eve system.

The prescribed braking performance shall be obtained without any wheel-locking, deviation of ee vehicle from its intended course, abnormal vibration, abnormal wear of the tyre during the test or excessive steering correction. Why are tire pressure monitoring systems so valuable ecs motorists?

Production Definitely Discontinued The warm pressure shall be taken as the value P. Tests shall be carried out for each of the fitting conditions of temporary-use spare units specified in Paragraph 2. Inflate all of the vehicle’s tyres to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended cold inflation pressure.

The whole speed range shall be covered during the test.