Regulation No 26 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with. ECE R26 Regulation (03 Series, ) “The uniform regulations on vehicle chapter and section numbering betw een this standard and the ECE R ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO THEIR EXTERNAL PROJECTIONS Incorporating.

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If the vehicle conforms to a vehicle type approved, under one or more other Regulations annexed to the Agreement, in the country which has granted approval under this Regulation the symbol prescribed in paragraph 4. Example of markings which shall be applied to a wheel conforming to this Regulation:. The tyre pressure recommended by the tyre manufacturer based on ecf load index and the max.

Uniform provisions r6 the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic Compatibility Electromagnetic Compatibility UN Regulation No.

Licenses and Certificates

The wheel manufacturer’s facilities may be used e26 test purposes provided that the Type Approval Authority or a designated representative witnesses the tests. A fully searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently.

With regard to the design basic contour, dimensions, inset, material type and quality and so on and service life they fully correspond to vehicle manufacturer’s replacement wheels; 2.

Nevertheless, handles which do not comply with this last condition may be accepted if: UN R63 Moped Noise. UN R4 Rear Plate Lighting Illumination of rear-registration plates of motor vehicles and their trailers Uniform provisions for the approval of devices for the illumination of rear registration plates of motor vehicles except motor cycles and their trailers This regulation eve be superseded by a new UN Regulation on Light-Signalling Devices LSD under the Simplification of Ecf Regulations development program.

UN R46 Indirect Vision. We use cookies to enhance site functionality and personalisation. Maximum 30 per cent. They shall also show the position intended for the approval mark and for the wheel markings.


Certificates and licenses

The distance between two consecutive elements of grilles and gaps shall be determined according to the method described in Paragraph 4 of Annex 3 to this Regulation.

There shall be affixed, conspicuously and in a readily accessible place specified on the approval r62, to every vehicle conforming to a vehicle type approved under this Regulation an international approval mark consisting of: It shall be accompanied by the following documents in triplicate: They differ from vehicle manufacturer’s replacement wheels only by the absence of vehicle manufacturer’s trademarks and part number.

In such a t26, the Type Approval Authority shall issue the revised pages of the information folder as necessary, marking each revised t26 to show clearly the nature of the modification and the date of re-issue.

The application for approval of a vehicle type with regard to its external projections shall be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or by his duly accredited representative. If lateral door handles rotate to operate, they shall meet one or other of the following requirements: Skip to main content. If the process within a production line is always the same, only one representative test is to be carried out.

The Measurement of Power of C. Luggage racks and r6 racks shall be so attached to the vehicle that positive locking exists in at least one direction and that horizontal, longitudinal and transverse forces can be transmitted which are at least equal to the vertical load-bearing capacity of the rack as specified by its manufacturer. Handles, hinges and push-buttons of doors, luggage compartments and bonnets; fuel tank filler caps and covers 6.

Air intake and outlet flaps. Of side direction indicator lamps, end outline marker lamps, front and rear position side lamps and parking lamps; 2. UN R41 Motorcycle Noise Motorcycle Noise Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Motor Cycles with regard to Noise The proposal for the 04 series of amendments, adopted at the June Forum session, will be posted as Revision 2 to the regulation pursuant r266 the completion of administrative formalities.

UN R43 Safety Glazing. In some cases, the provisions permit extensions of current approvals based upon previous requirements for example, to allow for replacement parts. Light alloy wheels are fixed using the ede rim flange by two semicircular flanges. The regulations are also designed for use within the international approval system. UN R79 Steering Equipment. It usually consists of two major parts: The tyre mounted on the test wheel shall be the smallest nominal section width tubeless radial-ply tyre intended for use on that wheel.


Fractures and indentations caused by the direct contact with the falling weight are acceptable. Acceptance criteria The test shall be considered satisfactory if there is not any visible fracture penetrating through the wheel surface and if there is not any loss of inflation pressure within one minute of completing the test.

In the case where negative results are recorded during one of these visits, the Type Approval Authority shall ensure that all necessary steps are taken to re-establish the conformity of production as rapidly as possible. UN R Replacement Airbags. Approval with regard to luggage racks, ski racks or radio receiving or transmitting aerials considered to be separate technical units. They are consolidated, published in English, and updated on a regular basis.

Luggage racks and ski racks. A vehicle representative of the type of vehicle to be approved shall be submitted to the technical service responsible for conducting the approval tests. Penalties for Non-conformity of Production The Approval of Compression Ignition C.

Our fast and easy means of purchasing up-to-date global vehicle and component standards and regulations on a pay-as-you-go basis. Where two or more points of contact occur simultaneously, the lower point of contact shall be used to determine the floor line. The material used for the wheel fixing components shall be at least equivalent to the vehicle manufacturer’s replacement wheel fixing components. Sample wheels representative of the wheel type necessary for the execution of laboratory tests or test reports issued by the Type Approval Authority.