Regulation No 26 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with. ECE R26 Regulation (03 Series, ) “The uniform regulations on vehicle chapter and section numbering betw een this standard and the ECE R ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO THEIR EXTERNAL PROJECTIONS Incorporating.

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SCOPE This annex specifies a laboratory test procedure to evaluate the axial lateral kerb impact collision properties of a wheel manufactured either wholly or partly of light alloys.

Every modification to an existing vehicle type shall be notified to the Type Approval Authority which approved the vehicle type. The competent authority shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production before type approval is granted.

Sample wheels representative of the wheel type necessary for the execution of laboratory tests or test reports issued by the Type Approval Authority.

If the ornament is mounted on a base, this base is regarded as belonging to the ornament and not to the supporting surface. Uniform provisions concerning r226 approval of passenger cars with regard to electronic stability control systems This regulation was established through the extraction of ESC provisions from UN Regulation H. UN R64 Spare Tires Temporary-use Tires “Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to their equipment which may include: The application for approval of a vehicle type with regard to its external projections rr26 be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or t26 his duly accredited representative.

In between the publication of revisions, the Secretariat may issue ecee or corrigenda to the revision corresponding to adopted proposals for new series, supplements, or corrigenda. UN R27 Warning Triangles. Where this is not possible, an equivalent method shall be used.


Skip to main content. Upon receiving the relevant communication that authority shall inform thereof the other Parties to the Agreement which apply this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the model in Annex 1 to this Regulation.

Licenses and Certificates

Conformity of production 9. The application for approval of a vehicle type with regard to its external projections shall be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or by his duly accredited representative. UN R25 Head Restraints. Opening roofs shall be considered only in the closed position. Luggage racks, ski racks and radio receiving or transmitting aerials that have been approved as separate technical units may not be offered for sale, sold or purchased unless accompanied by assembly instructions.

– Transport – UNECE

Uniform 2r6 concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to specific requirements for the electric power train Electric Powertrain Vehicles Construction and Safety of Electric Powertrains UN Regulation No. The regulations considers the installation and functioning of lighting equipment as a whole to ensure compatible performance across all types of equipment and devices headlamps, signalling lamps, markers lamps, etc.

Where a wheel manufacturer submits application for type approval for a range of wheels, it is not considered necessary to carry out all tests on every type of wheels in the range.

In determining the floor line, the jacking points, exhaust pipes or wheels shall ee be taken into consideration. The requirements of paragraph 5.

The Type Approval Authority which has granted type approval may at any time verify the conformity control methods applicable to each production unit. UN R26 External Projections. The holder of the approval shall in particular: Trade name or mark: Would you like to keep them?


The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the separate technical unit data plate affixed by the manufacturer. The open end shall face either rearwards or downwards. The competent authority may carry out any test prescribed in this Regulation. Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Motor Ecce with regard to Noise The proposal for the 04 series of amendments, adopted at the June Forum session, will be posted as Revision 2 to the regulation pursuant to the completion of administrative formalities.

Manufacturer’s name and address: Convertible vehicles shall be examined with the hood in both the raised and lowered positions. UN R Frontal Impact ORS Restraint System in Frontal Impact Uniform provisions concerning the approval of passenger cars in the event of a frontal collision with focus on the restraint system This regulation provides for a full-width ec barrier frontal impact test g26 evaluate the performance of occupant restraint systems.

Maximum 30 per cent.

Translation of “Regulation ECE-R26” in Spanish

With regard to the design basic contour, dimensions, inset, material type and quality and so on and service life they fully correspond to vehicle manufacturer’s replacement wheels. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

If the type of separate technical unit submitted for approval pursuant to this Regulation meets the requirements of paragraphs 6. Grilles and Gaps 6. The projections shall be determined according to the method described in Paragraph 3. UN R16 Safety belt systems.