In the world of Eberron, each mark is tied to specific bloodlines. The families that carry these marks joined together to form the Dragonmarked. I’ve talked about the Dragonmarked Houses and Aberrant What would happen to Eberron if all the Dragonmarks suddenly went dormant?. The concept of magic as an industrial force is at the heart of the Eberron campaign setting, and the dragonmarked houses are an integral part.

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Each of the three types of guild membership reflects a different connection to a dragonmarked house. Dragonmarked services are entirely new sragonmarked Pathfinder, but has many of the same uses as purchased spellcasting. You may love this elf, but think of your children.

Today, more and more dragonmarked nobles are holding to the opinion that the edicts were an agreement with the King of Dragonmarkef, not the rulers of the Five Nations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I add a few things to this. In addition to being a status symbol in Khorvairethe dragonmarks provide the bearer with magical talents. Tharashk inquisitives are more of your classic private eyes. However, there are any number of other theories, ranging from diet and mental exercise to planar alignment and the influence of the Prophecy.

When house leaders met Galifar in the city of Korth at the height of his drive to unite the Five Nations, the would-be king swore to protect the houses, agreeing to a number of provisions that would ensure their continued economic strength.

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Dragonmarked Heir

The test varies from house to house, and is based both on the powers of the mark and the traditions of the family. Aberrant marks are those that manifest as a consequence of interbreeding of bloodlines. In a small community, a dragonmarked house might be represented by a single business.

Dragonmarks are physical manifestations of the Draconic Prophecy. However, one issue here is that Medani is a very subtle house; its services also overlap with Deneith when it comes to bodyguards. As of the current time period in the setting, ebwrron house is divided into three distinct factions that are vying for control of the house in the wake of the destruction of the nation of Cyre.


Although most halflings are nomadic, the members of House Ghallanda operate an impressive number of entertainment institutions, all over Khorvaire.

I play mark of making artificer, human, who now has a homebrew silver flame paragon path… complete with silver quetzalcoatl blood. If the Cannith ultrasecret project is in Sharn, then Cannith should turn the saboteur over to the Sharn watch and prosecute him according to the Code of Galifar.

Dragonmarked Heir | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Most common people have at least a small amount of House blood in their ancestry, usually unnoticed. If a delivery would place a courier in danger, a gp hazardous delivery fee is also charged.

House Tarkanan House Vol. Once the answer is defined, it is possible to predict if it can happen again and whether it can be harnessed. Your email address will not be published. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

House Vadalis operates rragonmarked of the Eldeen Reaches.

Some standard magical services would remain intact. Medani is the warning guild.

Eventually a man who famously became known as Galifar I would succeed in uniting the continent together into the nation of Galifar, the house leaders would come together in the city of Korth and make arrangements with the would-be-king that would limit their political power in exchange for assurances of their continued economic strength. Tied to this is the idea that back in the day, a united Galifar was able to impose sanctions on the dragonmarked houses… but that with the advances in arcane sciences and the collapse of Galifar, it is an open question whether any nation is prepared to make an enemy of one of the houses.

The point is that this is generally use of the Heal skill as opposed to magic. The Shadow Network is a guild of entertainers and artists, including many of the finest performers in Khorvaire. If my character starts a mercenary Company, would they have to eventually join with house Deneith?

Dragonmarked (book)

It is unpredictable and unexplained despite steady research by top minds across Khorvaire. What about Deneith, House of Shadow, etc … what tools give the other houses a financial edge in the world. Eberron is like our world. The Lyrriman gnomes of House Sivis claim that their forebears were the first to identify and unify the dragonmarked families, while members of the Vown family of House Cannith make similar claims.


Living Construct – Subtype. Of course, having said that, there would also be a trial within the Twelve. But personally, I like the flavor of having specific, important magical services bound to these families.

Look at what the mark does and what the house does; think about how that power could enhance the business; go from there. Over the next few centuries, the families began to communicate with one another, with the leaders of Sivis and Cannith taking the greatest initiative. History is written by the victors, and the dragonmarked houses have had fifteen hundred years to codify the persecution of the aberrants.

A dragonmarked individual might labor all of their life and never manifest the Siberys Mark, while an unmarked member of a house bloodline might suddenly manifest the mark overnight. Lyrandar needs Cannith to keep producing Wheels of Wind and Water. I generally provide one of the lowest level rituals associated with the mark to the character for free. The skillful manipulation of magic and artifice has allowed the houses to use the dragonmarked as the keys by which even greater magic is controlled.

Again, I think Vadalis has a lot of long-term potential because magebred humans are creepy and an extremely logical source of homegrown Inspired for the Dreaming Dark to use. Please tell us how you portray the participation of the Silver Flame during the last war and whether there religious discrimination or conflict against flamers in Karrnath or Breland.

The wealth and influence of the modern houses extends far beyond the power of dragonmarks, however. History of the Houses It is often assumed that each house has a single founder: The concept of magic as an industrial force is at the heart of the Eberron campaign setting, and the dragonmarked houses are an integral part of that. An heir can move between them… but some say they can be lost in Mabar!