LogicsManagerTM. A large number of inputs, internal states, CAN values, or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen- – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation this manual. German. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation.

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Baureihe easYgen-1000

The address may only be represented once on the CAN bus. Voltage measuring FlexRange – generator Connect in application mode Voltage measuring FlexRange – terminal assignment – mains, ph 4w 4 For different voltage systems different wiring terminals have to be used.

Page 2 2 Installation. Voltage measuring FlexRange – terminal assignment – generator, 1ph 2w For different voltage systems different wiring terminals have easgyen be used. Manual easYgen – Genset Control Engine underspeed: Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains, ph w Figure Factory Settings Page – System: Manual easYgen – Genset Control Interface Service interface Version If the MPU speed exceeds the overspeed limits the configured alarms will be initiated.

User safety and equipment protection guidelines. Application Mode NOTE All functions which are described in the following text may be assigned by the to any LogicsManager relay which is available via the and not assigned to another function.

Woodward Publications

Analog inputs FlexIn – terminal assignment Page 80 Page 81 – Protection: Section – Wiring. This would be a “B” type contact on the circuit breaker.

  LSP 3122 PDF

By utilizing the it is possible to use the monitored values of various parameters to LogicsManager, evaluate the condition of the mains and power being monitored as command variable. J Interface, Monitoring Page 99 – Protection: Manual easYgen – Genset Control Chapter 1.

LogicsManager is used to customize the sequence of events in the control such as the start command of LogicsManager unit the engine or the operation of control unit relay outputs.

Page 12 Manual easYgen – Genset Control Relay outputs The discrete outputs can be grouped into two categories: Master index V2 eaygen a searchable file listing all current, restricted customer publications. Gas Engine Page 34 – Figure When replacing a PCB, keep the 0100 PCB in the plastic antistatic protective bag it comes in until you are ready to install it.

User Manual Esaygen Document information Attach mounting clamps Rotate clamps according to the picture on the right until they snap into the mounting cones. If the function ‘Stop in AUTO’ or ‘inhibit emergency power’ has been assigned to a discrete input, an emergency power operation may be prevented or interrupted from an external source.

Download “easygen Genset Control”. If you must remove the PCB from the control cabinet, follow these precautions: Event text Description Batt. Page 77 – Protection: Engine, Shutdown Malfunction Page 92 – Protection: The percentage threshold value indicates the permissible variation of phase current from the arithmetic mean value of all three-phase currents. Connection Port More information. Dynamical display fields – un Page 82 Page 83 Page 84 – Protection: Transformer test set Multi function system for testing substation equipment such as: GPS data logging in internal memory.


Power supply – terminal assignment Versions The parameters in this section are informational only and cannot be modified. The tripping time depends on the measured current. Advanced fiber optic amplifiers eaxygen high speed and low contrast applications Fiber Optic Sensors – S7 Advanced fiber optic amplifiers for high speed and low contrast applications DIN rail mountable models with dual digital displays speed models: Easygn figure below shows these five fields with the default settings.

Eassygen history – event texts Page 25 – Application: Subject to essygen mocifications.

» Easygen Series

Pickup – principle overview The ECU remote control via the J protocol will be deactivated. If you have not entered the correct password for the required code level, the parameters for resetting the event history are not available eassygen to the Event History section on page 16 for more information.

Daily Time Set Point Utilizing the it is possible to establish specific times of the day that functions i. Do not touch the electrical conductors, the connectors, or the components with conductive devices or with your hands. Current measuring -Generator, Phase Lx … The module offers 4 11000 inputs.

All three values may be configured independent from each other prerequisite: