Can I make a booking for persons other than myself? Of course. Simply Register or follow the booking process. Select journey and after login you will be asked. easyBus offers cheap airport transfers between London to Gatwick, Stansted and of 2 luggage items are permitted onboard for each easyBus ticket holder. You must Cancel the existing booking first, a cancellation/admin. fee will apply, the charge will be 50% of the value of the ticket (note this excludes the card fee).

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The Walk Up Fare will be charged for such seat s. Single Pushchairs buggy or stroller can be carried providing that they are collapsible.

What fares do you charge?

Input your account email address and password and click on log in. Click on ‘view selected booking’and this will show your booking confirmation. Find out more detail about each of the 5 simple steps below. Please click here to Book your easyBus Ticket. Unlike easyJet and some eashbus airlines we are NOT able to accept the booking reference quoted tivket or written on a piece of paper or sent to a mobile phone, PDA Personal Digital Assistant or similar device or displayed on a Laptop or other form of personal computer.

How to book for London Airport Transfer

Except as provided in these Conditions of Carriage, we shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability or cost suffered by you as a result of any cancellation or withdrawal of any easyBus Service by us, or any delay to or termination of any easyBus Service.

If we cancel or withdraw an easyBus Service before it has commenced, due to a circumstance within our reasonable control and you have made a booking for travel on the easyBus Service concerned, our liability to you will be at our option to:. You must cancel the original unwanted booking first and then make the new booking. Can I change my booking? Select ‘Print Ticket’ or ‘Print pdf Ticket’. Behave in any manner, which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to any easyBus Vehicle, member of staff, passenger or their property.


We follow the low cost airline principle of “the earlier you book the less you pay”. Terms and conditions apply.

The luggage allowance is as defined on the luggage allowance page of the website. Tcket “new” booking will be made at the current price for that journey and not the original fare paid. Journey means each journey you are entitled to make on an easyBus Vehicle as set out on your order Confirmation and Tickets.

Can not print my tickets!? Please enable javascript to view this website properly.

Please click here to Book your easyBus Ticket. Passengers wishing to travel more than 75 minutes before or after their booked travel time will be required to purchase a new ticket at the fare applicable at that time. Customers may cancel their booking see clause 2. Please enable javascript to view this website properly. If you leave or lose any of your luggage whilst travelling on an easyBus Service and the luggage is either found by or handed to a member of easyBus staff we shall take reasonable care of that luggage.

If you still have problems please do contact us but provide us with all technical information regarding operating system and printer details. We reserve the right to give your seat to another passenger. Additional Luggage means the luggage in addition to the Luggage allowance permitted for that easyBus route.

Frequently Asked Questions Contact us. Behave in any manner that endangers or threatens the safety or security of any easyBus Vehicle, member of staff, passenger or their property. Certain large items for example Skis, Sailboards, snowboards, surfboards may or may not be permitted.


Please see the “our prices” page on each route page.

How can I pay for my ticket(s)? – easyBus FAQs

It is our obligation to carry you, your Luggage Allowance and your booked Additional Luggage if applicable on the journeys booked by you as detailed on your order confirmation and tickets tivket subject to these Conditions of Carriage. You will need to make a new booking request from the start however your account details will have been retained and you will not need to register again.

Booking means your booking for travel on an easyBus Service upon which a reservation is made and the Fare and Card processing Fee if applicable are paid.

Your credit will automatically be used towards your new booking s. Comply with any request or direction from a member of staff. Take onto any easyBus Vehicle any easubus drinks or drugs other than medication with the intention of consuming them or to consume them or board any easyBus Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You should tickrt your luggage with reputable insurers against all usual and normal risks of loss or damage to the full replacement value of the luggage.

London Airport Transfers to Gatwick, Stansted & Luton | easyBus

Enter your account email address and password. Smoke whilst on board any easyBus Vehicle. Select the booking you have made and click on “view selected easybuw.

Please click here to Book your easyBus Ticket. If the booking is easybuss listed then it has not been made and does not exist. To make an advance booking online you will need the following: This means that as seats are sold the price goes up.