The DSR Integrated Receiver/Decoder from Motorola brings With advanced modulation support, the DSR supports both DVB-S QPSK and. Get Motorola DSR Weather Radio User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!. View and Download SkyLine DSR user manual online. Satellite Receiver with CAM slot. DSR Receiver pdf manual download.

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Motorola DSR 6000 Professional Satellite Receiver DSR-6000 New

Press the 56 buttonsuntil the Audio1, Audio2, or Audio3 menu appears shown below. Press the 56 buttons to view the desired mode. This list of languages was recommended to system operators as the appropriate identifiersfor audio, subtitle, and text information.

Dashes indicate that no Dssr6000 usermay want to practice on a screen to become familiar with how the buttons work.

Page 42 3Decrypt Setup MenuUse this menu to specify up to four services in the transport stream to decrypt. Reset will interrupt servicePress E to continue orto stopPress any arrow button to back out of the field and leave it unchanged. The address is represented in the common dotted-decimal format. Power Cycle reset in progress. Navigating the Menus Even though the keypad options shown manal the LCD screen may change for each menu and for Dashes are displayed when dsf6000 information is available.

DSR Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder | ARRIS

Mznual the programprovider for the correct VCT number to enter mmanual that encoder system. No power to unit. Page 16 3Using the Front PanelThe front panel LCD screen displays a series of menus that can be used toconfigure and control the system. This menu displays theDSR’s firmware release information, which is equivalent to the productversion number.


Port 1The Input field displays the input to which the dsr60000 is currently tuned. For full details, see the following link: This list of languages was recommended to system operators as the appropriate identifiers for audio, Page 45 InputMode FieldThis read-only field indicates the incoming audio mode of the active service. Mechanical LoadingThe mounting rack location should be secure and level to avoid hazardous instability to theequipment due to uneven loading or weight distribution within the rack.

Page 72 8Fast Facts 1The Fast Facts 1 screen displays general information relating to the basic functionality ofthe decoder. MFrame RateThe frame rate code of the stream. Fast Facts 3 The Fast Facts 3 screen displays information relating to video information.

Page 74 8Fast Facts 2The Fast Facts 2 screen displays information relating to the port configuration of thedecoder. Press the 56 buttons to scroll to the input that is connected. That option islocated in the Manual Tune menu described on page Quality FieldThis status-only field displays a number from 1 to so that the quality level ofthe signal can be judged.

Changing to DCII selection modePress E to continue orto stopPress any arrow button to back out of the field and leave itunchanged.

This menu allows the user to Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Page 40 3The DSR displays warning messages for the following conditions: Symb Field This status-only field displays the symbol rate megasymbols per second of the L-band signal. This section describes in detail each of the Installationmenus, fields, and options displayed on the LCD panel.


Page 33 Reset MenuPress the 56 buttons dr6000 the Reset menu appears.


This menu allows the user to set up different Refer all servicing to qualified servicepersonnel. If the satellite name is null, then the satellite number is used. Text Lang MenuThis Text Language menu has the Display field which allows the user to modifyand view the status of the language for the subtitle display.

This menu allows the user toexecute factory defaults or power cycle resets.

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To view the OSD diagnostic screens, press the 56buttons on the front of thedecoder until the Diagnostic menu appears, and press the ENTER button to accessthe Diagnostic menu on the decoder.

This menu allows the user to monitor the status This menu allows the user to setup different trigger options for the DSR to go into an alarm condition This optionilluminates the front-panel Alarm LED and energizes the back-panel alarm relay. The bullets in the next topic describe the rules thatgovern which language is used.