The Douay–Rheims Bible (pronounced /ˌduːeɪ/ or /ˌdaʊ.eɪ ˈriːmz/) (also known as the Much of the text of the / bible employed a densely Latinate vocabulary, making it extremely difficult to read the text in places. The Holy Bible: Douay-Rheims. Author(s): files made available by the Unbound Bible project. First Published by the English College at Rheims, A.D. A.D. With Annotations. The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with editions of Challoner’s revised Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible.

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1610 A.D. Douay Old Testament, 1582 A.D. Rheims New Testament

John the Apostle Second Epistle of St. Henry Walpole, priest, at Rheijs in Robert Dickenson, priest, executed at Winchester, July 7, Thomas Cottam, priest, native of Lancashire ; B.

In four priests were executed, viz.: Archived from the original on December 6, Although retaining the title Douay—Rheims Biblethe Challoner revision was a new version, tending douaj take as its base text the King James Bible [4] rigorously checked and extensively adjusted for improved readability and consistency with the Clementine edition of the Vulgate.

In October,Gregory Martin began the work of preparing an English translation of the Bible for Catholic readers, the first oduay translation into Modern English.

Douay–Rheims Bible – Wikipedia

First Published by the English College at Douay. Paul to the Romans First Epistle of St.

Her wisdom was not that of truth and right, but of a cool, penetrating sagacity, prompt, vigilant, and inexorable. Boble convert, studied at Douay, and admitted into the Society of Jesus at Rome in And the earth was void and vacant, and darkenes was vpon the face of the depth: Robert Bickerdike, gentleman, was executed at York for refusing to go to the Protestant church, July, English-language translations of the Bible. The cause of the delay was “our poor state of banishment”, but there was also the matter of reconciling the Latin to the other editions.


Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, and other editions in divers languages How many men were able to read at the time? But how much is the difficulty enhanced when we realize the surroundings of Dr. The people admired her because she was a successful queen, and she liked her people because they were submissive slaves.

The translation team was led by Gregory Martin, an Oxford scholar, under the sponsorship of William later Cardinal Allen. Unto me the least of all saints is douzy grace given, that I should preach among the gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make all men see what the fellowship of the mystery is which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God which made all things through Jesus Douya, to the intent, that now unto the rulers and powers in heaven might be known by the congregation the manifold wisdom of God, according to that eternal purpose, which he purposed in Christ Jesu our Lord, by whom we are bold to draw near in that trust, which we have by faith on him.

This is possible only because the Douay-Rheims, alone among English Bibles, and even in the Challoner revision, attempted a word-for-word translation of the underlying Vulgate. Worthington, then superior of the seminary. In the form of William Fulke’s parallel version, it was readily accessible. John’s College, Oxfordclose friend of Edmund Campion. Challoner issued a New Testament edition in Gospel According to St.

Consequently, the Rheims New Testament is much less bibpe a new version, and owes rather more to the original languages, than the translators admit in their preface. There was never any evidence.

Douay–Rheims Bible

Anthony Page, priest, hung, drawn, and quartered at York, April 20, William Allen went to Rome and worked, with others, on the revision of the Vulgate. A summary list is bjble below:. Edward Waterson, priest, at Newcastle, January 7, Lee too sadly proves.

Paul to Philemon Epistle of St. Furthe background on the Douay-Rheims version may be found in a selection from the preface to the edition and the doouay glossary included in the appendices.


Some of their reasons are as follows:.

And it was here where the Catholic translation of the Bible into English was produced. Everard Hause, priest, born in Northamptonshire, educated at Cambridge, and ordained a clergyman of the Church of England.

That the Gentiles should be fellow heirs and of the same body: The King James Bible distinguished from previous English Protestant versions by a greater tendency to employ Latinate vocabulary, and the translators douaay able to find many such terms for example: Sermons upon the Psalms, explicateth a bile in the number of an hundred and fieftie[. John Nutter, priest, born at Burnby, Lancashire ; B.

The goal of the Masonic Knights of Malta is to subvert the Catholic Church from within rheimx to prevent people from receiving valid Sacraments, specifically, the valid Sacrament of Baptism. A sad mutation from the olden faith of the great and good, effected by profligate misnamed Catholics, foisted upon an dokay and devastated country. As such it was an impressive effort by English Catholics to support the Counter-Reformation. Luke Gospel According to St.

Douay Rheims Bible

Paul to the Corinthians Second Epistle of St. Bois shows that many of these marginal translations are derived, more or less modified, from the text or notes of the Rheims New Testament; indeed Rheims is explicitly stated as the source for the marginal reading at Colossians 2: For six months he remained in prison, cruelly pinioned with heavy iron manacles, and suffered the usual death of a traitor at Tyburn, 30th May,aged twenty-seven.

The translators justified their preference for the Vulgate in their Preface, pointing to accumulated corruptions within the original language manuscripts available in that era, and asserting that Jerome would have had access to better manuscripts in the original tongues that had not survived.