DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere · Allen Mowery am, 21 November Taken from a video I recently created. View it here: Get great results.

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Gady blog about microstock, photography, travel and whatever that may interest you and me: Also, when did taping some tissue paper over your flash become a ‘DIY’ project?

Would be great to see a side by side comparison with some fonh the alternatives that are out there. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. GF makes the best diffusers as far as I’m concerned. This is important to understand, as it can produce some very unexpected results. Using this flash as your main source of light is a great way to shoot horrible pictures. To view the entire video, visit wp.

In fact, on most SLR cameras it is only about a square centimeter or so. It will cost you a bowl of take-away noodle, a few cents for the tissue paper or tracing paper, and some scotch tapes to tidy up the edges. Most bookmarked in this forum.

DIY Gary Fong Style SLR SpeedLite Diffuser | Acerbic Resonance

DIY Lumiquest from chicken feathers. This is produced by lights with a very small surface area. Dunja Djudjic is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. Oh, as an hary bonus, this thing rolls up nice and small and fits easily into my already cramped camera bag.

DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere: Studio and Lighting Technique Forum: Digital Photography Review

Your project sounds interesting — hopefully my tips will help. My 5 year old can do that. This was lithtsphere by the Strobist DIY spirit. Even softer light than the first bounce, with better highlights and more vibrant colors. Also the link is broke. Newsflash you don’t need to exercise your stomach much to get washboard abs, its all about dieting.


Oh yeah– did I mention you can make a fun foam diffuser for garj five bucks? Wow, never imagined how much my DIY tutorial would get gay on the internet. I heard that diffusers were great for portraits! Your main object in measuring the width is to have enough extra to wrap around the flash head and secure the Velcro to itself. In fact, I highly admire the way he has hyped up his bowl to be such a hit.

Cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic bowl.

DIY SpeedLite Diffuser

Great highlights and much more even hair, you can see the fomg of her sweater, and her face is much more evenly lit. If you shoot weddings. Do you want to bounce a blue light off a red object to make it look purple? I knew I could get it to produce even better results, though.

Voila, here is your DIY lightsphere. In the bottom image, we are getting too much light directly diffused off the flash towards our subject, and losing the great texture and depth of shadow that the first shot captures so well.

Then I slapped some velcro on the ends and that was that. SpeedLite aimed directly at subject.

Shot with the diffuser on the flash, same position as the shot above. Simple or complex is not the criteria. Cut vinyl to fit your flash I cut mine to approximately 12 inches long and 4. But, in general lgihtsphere way to improve lighting for video and photos is to increase the surface area of your light — i.


Just a few dozen years too late on that one! Size this to be approximately 2 times the width of your flash. Newer Post Older Post Home. I own 2 Fong products and love them totally.

Is the adpro a better choice for location shooting than the adpro? JP Danko is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I can better results with my fun foam better because I can shoot faster since my strobe doesn’t have to work as hard since it’s only throwing light on the subject, not the entire room and it folds flat.

My name is Jazmine, obvioulsy. Cannot really see from the pic as velcro seems to go right around stopping just abov3 the ………EX, fold paper in half and both same sides meet Would be much obliged if you would help me as this seems a fairly simple set up, apart from that! That has a nice ring to it. It seems to me that you badly underestimate cave painters That all I have to say about this for now.

Some of my Velcro started coming loose, so I used staples to hold it on there. With this set there are a few surprises: