Here’s a step-by-step DITRA installation guide. Step 3: Select DITRA or DITRA- XL underlayment depending on the job’s. : schluter -ditra-heat installation handbook (paperback): Everything Else. Schluter -DITRA Installation Handbook The Universal Underlayment for Ceramic and Stone Tile Schluter -DITRA Specifically designed as an.

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Shingle roof system 2. Periodically remove and check a tile to ensure that full coverage is being attained.

The thin-set mortar packaging will provide complete nandbook for mixing and slaking. DITRA does, however, provide a degree of sound attenuation similar Waterproofing the floor is not required, but can be beneficial in some cases. Set the tile 3. This was one challenging job. DITRA s waterproofing function prevents the reintroduction of moisture to gypsum concrete underlayments, which, if not prevented, could significantly compromise performance of the underlayment and lead to damage of the tiled surface.

Although pre-stressing is used to help control deflections in concrete structures, these slabs are still subject to deformations caused by changes in moisture, temperature, and loading. New Construction More information.

Schluter DITRA – Underlayment for Tile Installation

Reply Amazing, wonderful way to renovate bathroom. The existing roof angle change terminations and flashings when sound and intact can be reused. Further, these deformations fluctuate over the life of the building structure. Schluter -DITRA s uncoupling function protects the ceramic or stone tile covering by neutralizing the differential movement stresses between the gypsum concrete substrate and the tile, thus eliminating the major cause of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.

OSB, plywood and framing members should be covered with a material such as DITRA underlayment because wood is very susceptible to changes and to moisture.

When the substrate moves — dtra it will in every flooring installation—the DITRA material flexes with it to prevent the movement from transferring through and causing the tile and grout to crack.

  AIW 9700 PDF

Balcony Assessment Melbourne balcony Assessments Address: If the mortar skins over prior to matting installation, remove and reapply.

Schluter -DITRA Installation Handbook The Universal Underlayment for Ceramic and Stone Tile

Additionally, tile contractors are often expected to install tile over young concrete concrete cured less than 28 days. However, today s lightweight construction methods can make the installation of hard surface coverings particularly challenging.

Mechanically fastened KEE membrane roofing system. Schluter -DITRA s uncoupling function protects the ceramic or stone tile covering from ditga aforementioned deformations by neutralizing the differential movement stresses between the wood structure and the tile, thus eliminating the major cause of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.

When Asphalt More information. Slowly move the roller from one end of the matting to the hahdbook, slightly overlapping successive passes.

Schluter DITRA Over Wood in a Bathroom | Home Repair Tutor

The key to understanding why this membrane will greatly enhance the structural integrity and durability of handbooo tile floor is to get a good handle on just what Schluter-DITRA is. In addition, when unmodified thin-set cures in the presence of air, it does not cure as strong because some of the water in it evaporates.

Sealer and More information. Floors with Radiant Heat: This manual is a summary of good roofing practices and some More information.

Vapor management is also essential for slabs subject to moisture migration. System Solutions to Prevent Mold How a systems approach to managing moisture is the most effective strategy for minimizing the growth of mold. January 30, at 1: By addressing all of the challenges associated with today s fast, lightweight construction methods, DITRA provides a durable installation system for ceramic and stone tile over wood substrates.


With the increasing popularity of radiant heated floors, which typically utilize gypsum concrete, tile installers need a reliable installation system to address these issues.

It was soon discovered that CBU also works well as underlayment for tile and natural stone. This checklist is designed to help you evaluate the conditions when planning an exterior tile assembly.

Schluter®-DITRA & DITRA-XL | Uncoupling (DITRA) | Membranes |

Please visit our website for additional information and contacts. March 10, at 8: This is particularly important when gypsum concrete is used as a thermal handboo for radiant heated floors. However, these installations have typically presented significant challenges to tile setters. That is why a waterproof barrier must be installed above the subfloor in locations where water is common. Direct sun or high temperatures may cause issues such as flash setting or skinning of the mortar.

Grace, Cambridge MA Concrete is. Back-buttering is a jandbook way to help ensure proper coverage, particularly when installing large-format tiles.

Schluter -DITRA is specifically designed to allow the installation of ceramic and stone tile over any even and load-bearing substrate. Waterproofing must be installed in all areas subjected to water exposure in barrier-free shower dita.

Barrier-free tiled showers eliminate the use of a curb and rely on the slope of the floor to keep water inside the stall, thus improving accessibility. Architectural Testing 4 Rancho.

This allows DITRA to be installed in commercial and industrial applications exposed to heavy vehicular traffic, provided the type, format, and thickness of the tile is appropriate for the application.

There should be NO overlap. Please submit this form to energystarhomes energystar.