Diskretna matematika. views Diskretna matematika Published in: . Us diskretna matematika sa zbirkom zadataka – staro izdanje. Title Slide of riješeni-zadaci-više-matematike-prvi-dio-boris-apsen Diskretna matematika. Mario Kasa. Rešenja zadataka. Get this from a library! Diskretna matematika: osnovi kombinatorike i teorije grafova: zbirka rešenih zadataka. [Dragan Stevanović; Marko Milošević; Vladimir .

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Sažeti opis Diskretna matematika

Course enrolment requirements and entry competences zdaci for the course. Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes.

Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes Understand mathematical methods and physical laws applied in geodesy and geoinformatics. Course content broken down in detail by weekly class schedule syllabus. Dostupnost putem ostalih medija. Become familiar with the language of computer science.

Distinguish parts of mathematics that studies finite systems, i.

Informacije o e-kolegiju

Expected enrolment in the course some fifty 1. Registar bagatelne nabave u Optional literature at the time of submission of study programme proposal.

Understand mathematical methods and physical laws applied in geodesy and geoinformatics. Ispitni rokovi u ak. Credits ECTS 5 1. Year of the study programme Third, 6th semester 1. Basics of Geoinformatics, Programming Competencies required: Status predmeta izborni 1.


Status of the course elective 1. Apply knowledge of mathematics and physics for the purpose of recognizing, formulating and solving of problems in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics. Pri ponavljanju gradiva na predavanjima. Solving tasks during exercises. Uvod u teoriju grafovaElement, Zagreb, Course enrolment requirements and entry competences required for the course Passed exams: In revising during lectures.

Availability via other media. Name of the course Discrete mathematics 1. Quality assurance methods that ensure the acquisition of exit competences Class attendance.

Argue the reasons why the characteristics of the computer are described within the framework of finite mathematical systems. Quality assurance methods that ensure the acquisition of exit competences.

Study programme undergraduate, graduate, integrated.

Dopunska literatura u trenutku prijave prijedloga studijskoga programa. Interactive assignments and Seminar essays. Student responsibilities Regular school attendance.

Number of copies in the library. Introduction to the Theory of GraphsElement, Zagreb, Naziv predmeta Diskretna matematika 1. Develop a sense of different degrees of mathematical rigor and formalism and learn to use them in problem solving tasks. Bodovna vrijednost ECTS 5 1. Learning outcomes expected at the level of the course 4 to 10 learning outcomes recognize and apply basic types of mathematical reasoning; define and classify binary relations on sets knowing their properties and typical examples; pronounce and apply the properties of relations in systems for data processing and for the development of functional algorithms; adopt basic combinatorial concepts and counting rules and recognize them when counting the elements of a finite set; determine the generating function of the starting sequence and identify and solve simple recurrence relations; apply the theory of Boolean algebra to design logic circuits and networks; distinguish the basic concepts of graph theory; Compare and model certain combinatorial problems using graph theory shortest path algorithm, nearest neighbor algorithm,….


Use information technology in solving geodetic and geoinformation tasks Exercise appropriate judgements on the basis of performed calculation processing and interpretation of data obtained by means of surveying and its results. Raspored nastave u zimskom semestru ak. The implementation of a single university Questionnaire for evaluating teachers prescribed by the Senate. Grading and evaluating student work in class and at the final exam.

Uvjeti za upis predmeta i ulazne kompetencije potrebne za predmet. Naslovnica E-kolegiji Studiji Studij geodezije i geoinformatike – preddiplomski 6.

Studijski program preddiplomski, diplomski, integrirani.