Discover how to become an effective leader in the digital age and avoid the common pitfalls in Digital Leader by Erik Qualman. Become a digital leader today. We coach and create digital leadership programs for Fortune companies. Click here to get more info. Defining Digital. Qualman, Erik, Digital leader: 5 simple keys to success and influence /​ by Erik Qualman. Integrity and reputation: avoiding digital blunders; 5.

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He is the founder and owner of socialnomics. Simba Rashe rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Some of the tips and tricks like using LIFO for emails, managing your online presence aren’t anything new, but they are definitely things people need to know.

Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence

It also has many other great lessons from leaders of hundreds of business on a variety of other topics on how you can be a true leader. Preview — Digital Leader by Erik Qualman. Make technology work for you! Qualman, I’ll read your next book, but only if you get a new editor. View table of contents.

He argues convincingly that digital leadership is certainly about leadership, but also about digitl we interact with the world and the people in it both online and offline. It’s obvious that Erik Qualman’s passion is social media.

Social media is not some form of black magic that obliges you to become somebody you are not or do not want to become.

Almost Finished…

Sometime you must lead from behind to be in front, because the best leaders are the true followers of their own thoughts. Gerardo Mendoza rated it it was amazing Leacer 18, So many more people are influenced by my actions compared to when it was just the people I saw, wrote a paper letter to or called on the phone.


Before digital we did let people at work see our personal lives — think pictures on your desk. That means our parents and their planning for our digital legacy or lack thereof are shaping what people think of us before we can read this book and implement its ideas!

Digital Leader [Book]

A digitwl good book! Get a Move On! Although we all think multi-tasking is the answer, this book solidifies that it is not. I qualma to agree with this concept and the consequences this has for becoming a leader do good things and confront your missteps directly as well as in doing business business is not so much about money, as it is about connecting with good customers and for the entire society.

Digital Leader – Actionable Books

Qualman suggests we look at our digital imprint each week by reading over emails and posts that relate to you. Although those parts were more like a business primer than a book in its own right, I lewder enjoyed them. The content of leadership may not intrinsically be different from what it is in the physical world, except that you must make your messages even more zen in order to render them more effective as well as more universal and show a heightened sensitivity to the diversity of the people that constitute your digital friends or followers.

I have been in a stage of my life the past 4 years where I have removed people — tired of their whining and complaining, eri, of them being dependant on me for advice, for answers, for their success. A great business qhalman that really shows the importance of focusing on only one task. I read this book as part of the 12booksgroup. It should be a great session.


Trivia About Digital Vigital Mar 18, Henrik rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: When a book is called “Digital Leader,” its readers are going to expect digital content. And everything you do, fail to do, and wish you didn’t do is documented forever in the digital universe.

And everything you do, fail to do, and wish you didn’t do is documented forever in the digital universe. He sits on the Boards of Manumatix, Bazaarvoice Inc. How to behave online, what to comment and post and why and how to build influence.

An accumulation of quotes and the successful stories of the famous people, the repetition of the same thing again and again throughout the whole book made my reading experience a boring one. Collectively, they have changed the world forever. The book has a lot of good ideas, but i knew some of the concepts from elsewhere.

Lyla rated it did not like it Jan 25, Technology has redefined the nature of relationships. Let me see, was it 2 years in the making?

The insight and the quote seem to be at odds with each other.