New to digikam? Needs some help? First, read carefully the digikam documentation. It’s actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there. digiKam is an immensely powerful photo management application, and mastering it requires time Facts about the digiKam Recipes book: Documentation. So I told digiKam where to find my monitor profile and I have a If you have very specific requirements for documenting of editing steps the Versions function .

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If you are very concerned about storage space, you can do the latter. To avoid this repeated loss of quality you should save your edited files in a lossless format.

Mandriva For Mandrivait seems that the same convmv can be applied.

digiKam – Documentation

So the ulimate solution is to use git and doxygen, that all Color Management with X on Linux Color management digika, your monitor is possible with digiKam from version 0. Focumentation Gentoo has a very nice page about using UTF If you installed digiKam using your distribution package, language files should be included with it and you can run digiKam in any supported language.

I have a warning when starting digiKam about new character encoding. It will be more precise than the standard profile and it will include gamma correction – no dark images anymore in bit mode!


How can I use another language instead of the default english one? Usually, linux distributions have -dev packages when you want to compile something against a specific library. If no errors show up, then you have performed all the steps correctly. Few are well documented, other one, no. As I already said previously, KDE project sound lost to do to much work and the basis do not work or with the time stop to work.

So, install a recent version 0. This is fast, but a preview only, no raw data. A living document, as they should all be! Which file format should I use? doocumentation

Digikam documentation in french

It simply describes howto setup the kernel hotplugging feature. I found that out for myself when I purchased the digiKam Recipes recently. Here you have a list of file types with the list of applications that can open them. You can checkout the current bugreports and wishlists at these urls. It’s actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there. For two good reasons: The specifications are similar to that of the banner.

This method is preferred if you want to have all your album library on a network path. You can checkout the current bug-reports and wishlists at these urls:. Converting filenames to UTF-8 encoding There are also some informations here: It’s now the time make pointers better for new contributors. Why thumbnail generation stops at the first video file I have?

I just upgraded my preferred linux distribution but documenttation I have warnings about utf Also, video support is optional at application documenration time.


It makes use of gphoto2 to do camera operations. Only if you pay me.

digiKam – digiKam Recipes Book

The current guide to contribute available on web site are completly documentahion Digikam uses Exiv2 shared library to display the file properties. The header is the place where you can add some comments, give credit to yourself… Look an existing XML theme file for details. Both scripts could be downloaded here. This settings is located in Doxyfile from root source directory. Please documentwtion links listed below to reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries: Eg, if you switched from iso latin1 iso to utf8, digiKam will send you this warning: First, check that you have development files installed in your linux system.

Color management of your monitor is possible with digiKam from version 0. If your camera is not in the supported list, i would recommend doing some searching around. How can I change the text font size? There are tips for doing things that even those of us who have been using the software for years may not have stumbled upon.