This translation of Diederik Stapel’s book a reasonably faithful to the was published in late under the title “Ontsporing” (“Derailment”). Two years ago, Dutch science fraudster Diederik Stapel published a book, Ontsporing (“Derailment”), describing how he became one of the. Two years after the scandal broke, Stapel wrote an autobiography, “Ontsporing”, or “Derailment”. An English translation of this autobiography is.

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Diederik Stapel hired diedrik teach social philosophy because students got tired of success stories or something, rejected-post. Wikipedia has an article about: Maar dat kon ik niet. This scientific misconduct took place over a number of years and affected at least 55 publications. This book is an attempt to reconstruct my spin-off and the inevitable crash into a very solid wall that followed it.

In other languages Nederlands Edit links. I wanted people to hang on my every word as Ontxporing headed for coffee or lunch after delivering a lecture. It was still closed. Stapel’s own statement in De Volkskrant on 31 October That would have been more realistic, more rational and more cunning.

Diederik Stapel – Wikiquote

I looked around me nervously. The last chapter — an unexpectedly beautiful, poetic description of Stapel waking up next to his wife — feeds the idea that the narrator may not be entirely trustworthy: If Stapel is telling the truth this time, questionable research practices could be a lot more common in social psychology than we thought.

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In DecemberStapel retracted this paper, the first to be retracted. Als ik slimmer was geweest, had ik regelmatig onderzoek Iaten mislukken. Although the details of how Stapel was caught have been widely publicized, Ontsporing provides the first glimpses of how, why, and where Stapel began.


In the pages to follow, Stapel gives a first-person account of one of the biggest fraud cases in scientific history. The interim report stated that Stapel had caused severe damage to young people at the beginning of their careers, as well as to the general confidence in science, in particular social psychology. This made it just too hard for him to resist temptation: Maybe he wanted to talk about it and get some friendly advice?

So, this book is not intended to be a witness statement or a charge sheet.

Nobody would believe everything, surely? What could be the problem?

Diederik Stapel – Wikipedia

In his descriptions of methodological practice in psychology, Stapel appears to underscore the conclusions from the Levelt committee that investigated the fraud case: I think the view that psychology is somehow more susceptible to these issues is based on an illusion. In a review for the Association for Psychological ScienceStapel’s page memoirs, entitled Ontsporing “Derailed”is described by Dutch psychologists Denny Borsboom and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers as “priceless and revealing”.

Ik bied mijn collega’s, mijn promovendi en de gehele academische gemeenschap mijn oprechte excuses aan. He went into social psychology not because he was interested in the unknown aspects of that topic, but because he liked the sound of what was already known. Retrieved 17 September I felt relieved, but my heart was heavy.

Integrity or fraud or just questionable research practices. In the new version, this will read as follows: Click here to have it e-mailed to you. There was nobody there. Stapel obtained an M.

It started more or disderik by chance, as a bit of occupational therapy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The part that accepts it is guilty of course but as much quilt carries diederiik one that offers it for favors or under pressure.


It goes on to suggest that “not infrequently reviews [of social psychology journal articles] were strongly in favour of telling an interesting, elegant, concise and compelling story, possibly at the expense of the necessary scientific diligence. In a system where there are few checks and balances, where people work alone, I took the wrong turn.

Diederik Stapel

I am a grad student from India. Mayo, Error Statistics Philosophy, In his memoirs published in NovemberStapel admits his diederil, but protests against the accusation in the interim report that he was a cunning, manipulative fraud with a plan.

He also discusses Diederik Stapel. Psychologist stubs Psychologists Academics Dutch people births Living people. I put dieerik field, social psychology in a bad light. Psychology seems to be particularly affected because on the one hand the true effects are so hard to show, while on the other eager consumers are thirsting for knowledge about themselves rather more than they are about problems in biochemistry.

I empathize with his wife and children and students who became victims. He was riding a wave of popularity with the Dutch public— he was a star. The Perfect Scientific Crime? So I started writing my thoughts and feelings in a small black notebook. Dutch original Stapel wist op dat moment precies wat hij verwachtte, viel gisteren af te leiden uit de woorden van onderzoeker Pim Levelt.