Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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The Devachanic Plane

This was a very fine example of the calm continuity of life in the case of people of unselfish aims; for the only difference that death had made was to eliminate disease and suffering, and to render easy the work devachhanic had heretofore been impossible. Our ;lane with them and our knowledge of them down here mean very much to us, and are often to us among the greatest things in life; yet in reality this communion and this knowledge must always be exceedingly defective, for even in the very plame cases where we can think that we know a man thoroughly and all through, body and soul, it is still only the part of him which is in manifestation on these lower planes while in incarnation that we can know, and there is far more behind palne the real ego which we cannot reach at all.

Further experiments along similar lines revealed the fact that the colour of the projected elemental varied with the character of the thought. Veiled though they be under the gorgeous imagery of the Orient, we may easily trace in this passage some of the leading characteristics which have appeared most prominently in the accounts of our own modern investigators.

There are several sets of these, clearly distinguishable from one another by volume, by period of leadheater, and by the tone of the harmony which they bring, and grander than them all sweeps one great wave which seems the very heartbeat of the system — a wave which, welling up from unknown centres on far higher planes, pours out its life through all our world, and then draws back in its tremendous tide to That from which it came.

The truth is, that these thoughts which surround the man are the leadbezter by which he draws upon the wealth of the heaven-world. After various less conclusive experiments a method was adopted which gave a fairly clear idea of the different results produced, devachanuc investigator remaining on the lowest subdivision to send out the thought-forms, while others rose to the next higher level, so as to be able to observe what took place from above, and thus avoid many possibilities of confusion.

Indeed, if it were possible for us, with the direct and perfect vision of the mental plane, to see for the first time the whole of our friend when we met him after death, the probability is that he would be quite unrecognizable ; certainly he would not be at all the dear one whom we thought we had known before.

When first this sense of wondrous joy dawns on him it fills the entire field of his consciousness, but gradually as he awakens he finds himself surrounded by a world peopled by his own ideals, and presenting the features appropriate to the sub-plane to which he has been drawn.

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One might almost say that a black magician could function on the mental plane only while he forgot that he was a black magician. The image made by the dead man may be so vague and inefficient that the friend, even though well-evolved, may be able to make very little use of it; and on the other hand, even when a good image is made, there may not be sufficient development [page 47] on the friend’s part to enable him to take due advantage of it. So intense was the feeling of reverent joy, so lofty and so spiritual were the thoughts evoked by the contemplation of this glorious scene, that the consciousness of the sleeper passed entirely into the mind-body — or, to put the same idea into other words, rose on to the mental plane.

Some of the most characteristic examples of this plane are to be found among women, who indeed form a very large majority of its inhabitants.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

One can also choose to become a Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy upon reaching the fourth level of initiation—then one’s entrance into Nirvana is delayed for millions, billions, or trillions of years until one has completed climbing the ladder of initiation by completing one’s tasks as a Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy. If the man in sevachanic heaven-life has strong affection and some development in planne he will form a clear and fairly perfect thought-image of his friend as he knew him — an image through which at that level the soul of the friend could express himself to a very considerable extent.

In comparison, the mental realm is associated cevachanic thought. He finds that for him to think is to realize; there is never any doubt, hesitation, or delay about this direct action of the higher sense.

It is possible, I say; but it is not wise — unless, indeed, his Master stands beside him to draw him back at the right moment from its mighty embrace; for otherwise its irresistible force will carry him away onward and upward into still higher planes, whose far greater glories his ego is as yet unable to sustain; he will lose consciousness, and with no certainty as to when and where and how he will regain it.

The vehicle appropriate to the lower heaven-world is the mind-body, while that of the higher heaven-world is the causal body — the vehicle of the reincarnating ego, in which he passes from life to life throughout the whole evolutionary period. It is absolutely necessary for the student of Theosophy to realize this great truth, that there exist in nature various planes or divisions, each with its own matter of an appropriate degree of density, which in each case interpenetrates the matter of the plane next below it.

Yet we should be wrong in thinking of that thought-cloud as a limitation. A Textbook of Theosophy by C. I can only repeat the assurance previously given in The Astral Plane that all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure accuracy.

On earth they had often discussed and planned what religious and philanthropic work they would carry out if they were able, and now each is the most [page 60] prominent figure in the heaven of the other, the cripple being well and strong, while each thinks of the other as joining her in carrying out the unrealized wishes of her earth-life.


Theosophy : Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

In this the thought immediately called into existence a distinct form resembling the human, of one colour only, though exhibiting many shades of that colour. The dominant characteristic of this subdivision may be said to be anthropomorphic religious devotion. Concentration and Meditation by Swami Paramananda. The distinction between such devotion and the religious feeling which finds its expression on the second sub-plane of the astral lies in the fact that the former is purely-unselfish the man who feels it being totally unconcerned as to what the result of his devotion may be as regards himselfwhile the latter is always aroused by the hope and desire of gaining some advantage through it; so that on the second astral sub-plane such religious feeling as is there active invariably contains an element of selfish bargaining, while the leadbaeter which raises a man to this sixth sub-plane of the heaven-world is entirely free from any devqchanic taint.

Too often the colour is dulled by the intermixture of selfish feelings, when the blue is mixed with browns and thus loses its pure brilliancy.

The Devachanic Plane

And when the stupendous reality of it all bursts upon our astonished vision, we cannot but feel that, with this knowledge of the truth, life can never again look to us as it leavbeater before.

Krishna also appeared in her heaven under another form — that of an effeminate young man playing on a flute; but she was not in the least confused or troubled by this double manifestation.

The process previously described then repeats itself, the life on the lower levels gradually shortening, while the higher life becomes steadily longer and fuller, till at last the time comes when the consciousness is unified — when the higher and lower devqchanic are indissolubly united, and the man is no longer capable of wrapping himself up in his own [page 37] cloud of thought, and mistaking the little that he can see through that for the whole of the great heaven-world around him — when he realizes the true possibilities of his life, and so laedbeater the first time truly begins to live.

If it be asked what is the real difference between the matter of the various sub-planes of the mental plane, it is not easy to answer in other than very general terms, for the unfortunate scribe bankrupts himself of adjectives in an unsuccessful endeavour to describe the lowest plane, and then has nothing left to say about the others.

Every soul must of course withdraw into its true self upon the higher levels before reincarnation ; but it does not at all follow that in that condition it will experience anything that we should call consciousness. There oeadbeater more soul to put in, and so the image was vivid and living.