Results 1 – 30 of 49 Estudio y génesis de la Psicomotricidad: Da Fonseca, Vítor .. Desenvolvimento Psicomotor e Aprendizagem: Vitor da Fonseca. Available now at – ISBN: – ANCORA EDITORA – Book Condition: Muy Bueno / Very Good. of 23 results for Books: “Vitor da Fonseca” APTIDÕES PSICOMOTORAS E DE APRENDIZAGEM (Portuguese Edition). by Vítor da Fonseca Desenvolvimento Cognitivo e Processo de Ensino. Terapia Psicomotora. Estudo De.

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After-school activities and the development of low-income urban children: Any factor that causes a decrease in the desenvolvimenho oxygenation can provoke physical and psychic damages, more serious cases as asphyxia or intoxication cause irreversible damages to the cerebral or neuronal operation5,6.

The nasal staple was put, and the child well educated to inspire the maximum and to blow in the mouthpiece, strong, fast and completely inside of the spirometer. Though, it is necessary to stimulate the areas of fonssca brain, aiming to help the vitkr develop new connections; to educate the children from the most tender age in an rich atmosphere, stimulating the spoken language, song, writing creating a structured climate with affectivity, diversifying positively the sensations, with the presence ca color, music, social interactions, and games seeking to the development of their cognitive capacities and future memories, favoring like this their learning process15, It is possible an individual to achieve the adult age with a smaller lung function, due to factors that influenced along his childhood as the passive or active tobacco smoker, or even to be bearer of hyper-responsive bronchitis.

It was waited that the child that doesn’t breathe inside of the appropriate patterns for the age presented the weak tonus hypotonia or exaggerating tension hypertoniadeficiency in the balance, in the lateralization, in the body notion, in the time space structuring, mainly in the global motive coordination pscomotor in the noble motive coordination.


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To the spirometry was used a digital spirometer Micro Medical of the Micro Spirometers, that use the Knudson protocols. Desenvolvimento psicomotor e aprendizagem. Therefore, the present study demonstrated that a smaller efficiency of the mechanical ventilation do no influence in the neuropsychomotor development of children with age between 8 and 10 desenvollvimento.

The sample was formed by 60 school students with ages between 8 and 10 years, of both sexes. This does with that the learning process is unique and “could not be repeated” in each case The psychomotor battery was accomplished in a covered court, individually with each child. The corporal organization and the emotional and motivational components can in many cases to translate in blockades to the normal process of neuropsychomotor development3.

Organized activity participation, positive youth development, and the over-schedullin hypothesis. The Psychomotor Battery is composed by tests for evaluation of the tonicity, balance, lateralization, body notion, space-time structuring, global and noble praxia.

Meaning of “ambidestria” in the Portuguese dictionary

That child sleeps bad, is always tired and presents difficulty in the physical activities. However, a child’s motive dysfunction with learning disturbances can be subtle, then the need of larger care with the normative tests However, during the tests, the children that breathe well obtained a little sesenvolvimento scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition.

The well-structured organism is the base for the learning, consequently, the organic deficiencies can condition or to hinder that process.

For Fonseca, “the body and the brain are inextricably integrated by neural and biochemical circuits reciprocally driven to each other.

Rosa Neto, evokes that the development can apeendizagem considered a process which the people, starting from the available structures in every moment, appropriate of the culture of the social group inside of which are submerged. The buccal breathing takes to the bad cerebral oxygenation and, consequently, low school performance. In that study, the means obtained in the balance tests for the two groups was of 3,13?


Review of Educational Research, It is said that to mouth breathe is parendizagem a disease, but needs to be treated, because the child can present difficulties in the development. However, during the tests the children that breathes well obtained little better scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition. The exclusion criteria for participation of the research were to present apparent psychiatric and or motors disturbances.

Los estudiantes fueron divididos en dos grupos: Estas atividades impactam, em certa medida, sobre o seu processo de desenvolvimento de forma integral.

: Vitor da Fonseca: Books

Some reported cases of buccal respirators, demonstrate that even not having an obstruction of the superior aerial ways, present low school performance, motive agitation and behavior alteration, the breathing capacity is committed and, consequently, the oxygenation5.

Significant statistical alteration was not observed.

Therefore, it is of concluding that children in atmospheres that provide aprenddizagem experiences, present larger opportunities for us to understand their experiences, that are some of the most promising learning sources. Child Development In the balance parameter was evaluated: To evaluate the fonseva praxia, was researched the ocular-manual coordination, ocular-podal coordination, dysmetry, dissociation of the superior and inferior members, besides the agility.

What is known, what need to be known? Understands, then, the learning as a process of individual construction through which is made a personal and only interpretation of such culture.