An online club house for the retro-clone Delving Deeper, the premier emulation of G+ group supports discussion all editions of the Delving Deeper RPG (DD). Website blurb: Delving Deeper RPG closely emulates the rules of the earliest version of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Go back to a time when. The freeware version of Delving Deeper has been unleashed upon a other people would be more qualified to write the Delving Deeper RPG.

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It is difficult to imagine in a world where multiple, weighty tomes comprise the rules; but the these three small books contain all you need to build a campaign that can span decades of real time! Another significant addition was a formal definition of normalheroicand superheroic in terms of numbers of Hit Dice. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation.

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Delving Deeper is shockingly, hilariously inept | Your Dungeon Is Suck.

The Druid Delving Deeper. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing Links to the hardbound, softbound, and online version of the rulebooks are below. The room is pitch dark and cool. The brigands are fiercely upset about the mutiny and are plotting a counter move.

DM- I told you you have to tell me exactly what you are listening for. But what is the “appropriate” way to communicate across these Communities without being a spam bot? It got me to buckle down and write my own game.


Delving Deeper is shockingly, hilariously inept

We are all gamers together. The spiders are armor class 3 plateand the range is short for the longbow 50 FTso the 15 is a hit and is found to do 4 damage points. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. My balls smell really bad. Analysis What have we learned?

If you use a digital signature, your signature must exactly match the First and Last names that you specified earlier in this form. This detail is r;g in the Holmes example. How does this content violate the Lulu Membership Agreement? The spiders are armor class 3 plateand the range is medium for the longbow ftso the 18 is a hit and is found to do 4 damage rog.

This movement results in melee contact see below because the spider covers the remaining 50ft of ground to contact the players. The tables generally looked nicer and, unlike the DelvingDeeperReferenceRules, the Delving Deeper boxed set booklets were fully illustrated by Mark Allen. Notify me of new comments via email. Sides of mutton, bins of weevily black bread, wheels of hard cheese, and so on.

Differences from the printed version p21 of the blue book are highlighted in bold:. However, that is not the subject of this post. Unable to load more. Every sound seems nearer and clearer here.

Has anyone put together some themed or more specific monster level tables? That guy lost me at Vornheim is a good product.


Only one of the four combinations explored enables the players to throw a spell first, and to fire exactly two volleys of missiles before melee contact. Or maybe dedicated social media sites already overcome the barriers of tiny fragmented communities And yet, I keep drifting back to the OSR — and more specifically its ancestors.

Maybe he was making a new post on YDIS? Importantly, the spiders have already closed to 50ft before the players loose their arrows.

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It looks different to me. Bizarro Grumpy Grognard permalink. Think ya can handle that? I just shared with the Holmes Basic community. Copyright Office dleving, http: Each hit in normal combat deals hp damage. Delving Deeper is an OGL product which anyone can publish variations of or stuff for under their own name or label under the terms deling the OGL. Learn More I supported because… “You make life better They do not know about rooms 26 or 30, nor about the secret peep hole through which Amedeo occasionally spies upon them.

I tossed my hat in the ring. I play in a PbP with mush at your forum’s already.