Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy has ratings and 26 reviews. Here Manuel DeLanda makes sense of Deleuze for both analytic and continental. Nov 24, Regardless, what Delanda has done in this “already classic” book (back cover blurb) is to develop a notion of individuation, the virtual, and the. Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy cuts to the heart of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and of today’s science the start of the 21st Century.

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If this book were to supplement some of Deleuze’s conceptions such as the virtual Delanda should have focused more on this aspect of Deleuze’s diachronistic changes. While I’m right in the target demographic by interest and history, if not current professionI think of Deleuze as a canonical example of the deliberately I had previously read and adored both A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History and Philosophy and Simulation: Unlike qualitative differences, differences in intensity can drive fluxes of matter or energy Review quote ‘[A] highly original Throughout, DeLanda argues that the essences and universals of traditional ontol Though I still don’t trust Deleuze or his diehard followers, this book did give me more respect for his work.

Multiplicities have a real virtuality which forms a vital component of the objective world, virtuality is their mode of becoming. A multiplicity is a nested set of vector fields related to each other by symmetry-breaking bifurcations phase transitionstogether with the distributions of attractors which define each of its embedded levels.

I found de Landa’s habit of cherry-picking examples from other disciplines to be particularly annoying: Feb 01, Rob rated it really liked it.

Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. It seems instead that Delanda has trouble focusing on how to incorporate Deleuze into this book, seeking instead of meld his book into Deleuze’s work as a supplement in some unclear manner.

Theoretical Writings Alain Badiou. Keep in mind that classifying geometrical objects by their degrees of symmetry is a sharp departure from the traditional classification of geometrical figures by their essences.

Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy by Manuel De Landa

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A process of Individuation driven by intensive differentiations, bifurcations and topological folding, stretching and bending.


The example that Delanda uses is the assemblage which a walking animal forms with a piece of solid ground surface to walk on and a gravitational field endowing it with a given weight. To some degree, Delanda chooses to ignore the philosophical growth that Deleuze exhibited, treating Deleuze as one long consistency.

This group is being led by the very competent biochem specialist, Andy; come check it out. To that end, Delanda straddles both sides, by not re-examining Deleuze and providing an entry point within Deleuze’s work as the opening for this book. Deleuze, Science, and Philosophy.

The problematic approach “rejects the idea that fundamental laws express general truths and views them instead as posing correct problems” IS, p. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. The first chapter of this book is mandatory reading for understanding the mathematical concepts Deleuze uses. Towards the Definition of Philosophy Martin Heidegger.

My critique is centered more on the projection Delanda gives. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Time, therefore, is not absolute but produced through perception or interaction between contrasting and embedded processes. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Deleuze is now regarded as the most radical and influential of contemporary philosophers.

Ontologically, these invariants of a vector field are topological accidents, points in the field which happen to be stationary; Deleuze argues that these topological accidents should be given the ontological status of an event a perfect storm? The Emergence of Synthetic Reasonbut I was reluctant to read Intensive Science and Virtual PhilosophyManuel De Landa’s attempt to extend and present the work of Gilles Deleuze to physical scientists with an interest in philosophy.

On the one hand, this appears to be an exploration of Deleuze, to supplement his work. About The Partially Intesnive Life The Partially Examined Life is a philosophy podcast by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it. Philosophy of Science and Historical Enquiry.

Such multiplicities of singularities are real insofar as they can be studied and have effects, but they are not actual because they are never fulfilled by actual phenomena; hence, as DeLanda explains, multiplicities are virtual. The three ontological dimensions constituting Deleuzian thought—the virtual, the intensive, and the actual—can be understood in terms of individuals at different spatial scales populating the actual world embodied in discontinuous spatial or metric structures condensing out of a nonmetric, virtual continuum This averaging operation is an objective operation, in the sense that placing into contact two bodies with different temperatures will trigger a spontaneous diffusion process equalizing the two intermediate values.


This book is bit different from DeLanda’s other works. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Martin Calamari – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 9 1: By contrast, contemporary science argues that the process of speciation is intensive in the sense that its description involves ideas of population and heterogeneity in population thinking, using statistical analysis, the average is an abstraction and only the variation is real.

Open Preview See a Problem? There is an objective illusion fostered by the concealment of process under product I am still unsure about the idea of a flat ontology, and its implications. John Protevi – – Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 9 3: All this makes especially the first three chapters absolutely essential. If not, it will be difficult especially if you are not familiar, at least conceptually, with abstract mathematics. From Text to Action Paul Ricoeur.

Description Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy cuts to the heart of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and of today’s science wars.

Manuel de Landa, Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy – PhilPapers

It’s good and smart and whatever but I still think a realist reading of deleuze is the most buzzkilly thing ever. Control parameters in a state space determine the strength of external perturbations to which the system may be subject.

Sceince contents of this book are nothing less than profound. Other books in this series. Notify me of new comments via email. Jan 08, Gracchus Babeuf rated it really liked it.