Sine the English version of Degenesis: Rebirth was released just now I have to admit that I have never seen a Pen&Paper-RPG into which. Degenesis: Rebirth is the second edition of the Degenesis table top RPG. It’s a post-apocalyptic game, set in a transformed Europe, years. An RPG with not one but two high budget live action trailers, that despite the heinous sin Spitalian diagnoses a specimen of Homo Degenesis with bad breath.

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Still, the hope of a big find is enough to keep most scrappers digging through the rubble of ruined cities. One does it for wealth, the other does it for the prosperity for their nature.

Our final battle – a review of Degenesis: Rebirth Edition

They saw Cologne Cathedral as a holy place, a fount from which one of the four rivers must surely spring. Yet they possessed a sense of unity that the Europeans lacked and so they streamed across the Mediterranean, looting the ruins of Franka, Purgare and Hybrispania before the Europeans were ever able to really get their claws in them. Triggers are dice which roll 6 devenesis where the Difficulty target has been met. Where Homo Degenesis claims territories, defenesis earth rots and spore fields burst sepsis into the air, tolling the final bell in the Primers plan.

The current version is the Rebirth and comes in 2 full color hardcover books.


Not all of them surrendered to the brainwashing. Oils that were once sacred tinctures blessed by Anubis become little more than catalysts. As noted above, the game urges you to be cooperative when creating characters and degenesiw about why and how the group can function well together.

Some among their ranks are even attuned to the noosphere of the Psychonauts and are able to detect the webs of Chakra that they weave, and sever them with their sickles. Snap up Degenesis and see if you can guide your gaming group to success in the final battle. But that was only the start of things. In these two core rulebooks, there are seven cultures, thirteen cults and many clans.


Bygone technology created by a cabal of scientists that took a stand against the Recombination Group, known as the Anubis Syndicate, who sought mastery over life and death. By the time the media found out, it was too late. And so, they took action against it and became the greatest defender against the Primer that exists in the known world.

Rebirth Edition contains adult art.

The second book features the game mechanics, the rules of character creation, dsgenesis rules, cult gear and equipment, mods, as well as a unique and customizable character creation system. To rebuild earth in a new and glorious fashion. They are quiet, somber folk that take their symbiosis with their mammoths that degenesi ride a little too serious, shrouding themselves in mysticism.

Few ways in and out of Franka exist. Unfortunately, using Burn is a good way to flood the body with Sepsis, and those who use it risk becoming Leperos. There are also experience points that can be collected via battles or free experience points that can be freely distributed amongst the players.

Your ad here, right now: Before the Eshaton, there were thousands of languages in Africa but now there is only one. A primal cult fixated on imitating the primitive history of Africa, who are fundamentally tied to the Psychovore and eight ancestor spirits, who are adored by and bound to the African community.

The four rivers are not just metaphors for a euphoric state of being, but they’re actually real rivers that the Cult must seek. But this rebooted Stream is a stunted, stillborn thing.

While it may seem harsh, the cults are especially keen on not having Homo Degenesis emerge in their territories, as once they have the time to invest in their powers and spore dwgenesis, members of Homo Degenesis can annihilate or enthrall entire armies and regions.

Another belief that Rebus had was that four rivers ran through Paradise, rivers that he believed to be metaphors for various aspects of a man’s psyche.

Once they have become qualified as merchants and have risen from the ranks of apprentices and scribes, Neolibyans are free to squander the immense wealth granted to them by the auctioneers of the Bank of Commerce in any fashion that they please, typically by pursuing one of the three virtues of the Libyan.


In small doses it’s not a significant problem, but the more severe the spore infestation the more the victim will lose its mind as it gets more and more in tune with the hive mind of the Sepsis. The second book, Katharsys, is all about the system and character generation. The Eshaton happened, and the Recombination Group is probably responsible for it. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! The Passage North to Britain is lost to the swarms of Parasite. This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat The Romanos are another clan, that occupy what was once Italy and is now known as Purgare.

Our final battle – a review of Degenesis: Rebirth Edition

The degenssis nerds of the day who lived and breathed the Stream, who couldn’t stand the idea of a world without it, were the Streamers. Between Madrid and Al-Andalus is an anomaly in degenesi that even the Pregnoctics refuse to enter, allegedly dating back to the Bygone. Whenever the Psychovore encroached, it had a unique impact on the Africans, stripping away their mother tongue and replacing it with an odd, primal language that everyone in Africa has come to share.

The game runs on a system called the “katharSys”.

Degenesis Rebirth Edition – Game Masters

I feel that Degenesis is a highly collectable RPG. However, the Warui has its limits.

A swarm of asteroids from the far ends of the universe travels toward earth, ushering the end of humanity. Many of them died alone among their piles of useless scrap, having never realized their dream of a reborn Stream. Some of the Degenesis seek to subjugate humans, some cooperate with them, but always at a price.

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