INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on purchasing the dbx Model XT Compressor/Limiter. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual. dbx x. PROFESSIONAL SINGLE-CHANNEL. COMPRESSOR/LIMITER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Used with the permission of AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. View and Download Dbx X instruction manual online. X Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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At a setting of For more detailed information, refer to the specified pages.

These features make the Model X mwnual with the operating levels of virtually all professional sound and creative audio equipment. This limiter can not be compared to a software limiter because it is just so much better than any software limiter to me. The manual will only help you if you know compression and how much to use or not to use. Then there is simple and too bad if it was already said elsewhere, is transparency!

I think back to others later, because it does not cost too much to chance We chose a ratio, and adjust the Threshold watching small LEDs that work well: Please refer to the dvx of your Limited Two-Year Standard Warranty, which extends to the first end-user.

DBX X-XT Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Often, a prob- lem is relatively simple and can be quickly fixed after telephone consult- ation. Program-dependent attack and release times assure natural sound without the need for con- tinuous manual adjustments. It is nice to have a few of these at once while you are tracking if you like to track drums with compression.

In radio or television broadcast, the XT will produce stable voice levels, even with non-professional subjects. The best starting point is to ground the shield of the input cable at the source device leaving it unconnected at the 1 60XT and to ground the shield of the output cable to the ground terminal of the 1 60XT leaving it unconnected at the receiving device. Be sure to verify both your actual line voltage and the volt- age for which your Model XT was wired, as indicated on the rear panel of your unit.


If you need to return a product to the factory for service, include a letter describing the problem. There are other hardware compressors that attract me much, but they are so much more expensive Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced — this is no problem for the 1 60XT.

In Over Easy mode, the threshold of compression is defined as the approximate middle of the Over Easy threshold region, as shown in Figure It is good for drums and guitars, but lacks the full quality I would look for in a vocal compressor. Nonetheless, be sure to examine the unit and the carton for any signs of damage that may have occurred during shipping.

On the Athis entry exists in jack, the terminal has disappeared. Contact our Customer Service Department for information regard- ing factory installation of the optional balanced transformer.

I have been using this limiter off and on for bout 7 years now, im not sure when it was created probably way before I started using it but comparing it to any software limiters is a mistake. This is not a chas- sis-isolate switch.

In other words, the output level is constant when the input signal is above thresh- old. I only like DBX on bass guitar or snare.

Dbx 160X Instruction Manual

In all cases, you are responsible for trans- portation charges to the factory, dbx will pay return shipping if the unit is still under warranty. Applications The dbx XT is capable of handling a wide range of applications. And A are made in China Multi-way speaker systems If a single compressor is to be used with a multi-way speaker system i.


The Model X requires a maximum of 1 2 watts AC power. Of course, when compression does occur, the level of the entire program is affected. A super mono compressor, stupid: I would buy a better compressor such as the Empirical Labs or a really high end unit.

Check the line voltage. The circuit ground is floating with the respect to the chassis.

User reviews: dbx X – Audiofanzine

If you are not use to the sound of the DBX compressors it is very distinguishable to my ears. Ship prepaid, not collect.

Live As the colors of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the colored markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: Raising a signal out of a mix Since reducing dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, a single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression.

With some experimen- tation, the effect can be that of zero attack time at a given frequency. That is, when a phone plug is inserted, the detector input is no longer connected in parallel with the audio input. Other instruments, such as horns, vary in manuao depending on the note being played, and benefit similarly. The sound of the unit is not what I want janual a compressor for all things. Stereo linkable with a simple TRS. Finally it should be noted that one can also use it on stage, I was tough enough air for that!