Confessions of an Advertising Man is the distillation of all the Ogilvy concepts, tactics, and techniques that made this international best-seller a blueprint for. Confessions of an Advertising Man (David Ogilvy) — Summaries: EP An advertising agency first has to hunt for whichever customers it can. 1-Sentence-Summary: Confessions Of An Advertising Man is the marketing bible of the 60s, written by “the father of advertising,” David Ogilvy.

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He did not think of the ‘consumer’ as some rube simpleton but rather himself and his family.

This is a man who was so out in front of authenticity, story-mining and storytelling, it’s not even funny. In Augustcopies of the book were printed.

I do realize that this should have been expected, to a certain extent, yet I found it somewhat disappointing in crucial content. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

You might think the public would resent this trick, but there is no evidence to suggest that they do. We use cookies to give dxvid the best possible experience. I was also surprised to see his calling out for reform – both adertising and moral – and couldn’t help thinking “oh, sir, if you knew how much worse it got.

Some agencies pander to the craze for doing everything mwn committee. The “How to Write Potent Copy” cconfessions should be read by anyone that wants to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. If you are new to the field of advertising, or simply interested in knowing about ogivly, then this is a book I would definitely recommend. Ogilvy cites Gallup as one of the major influences on his thinking, emphasizing meticulous research methods and adherence to reality Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy.


He did not think of the ‘consumer’ as some r This book is fascinating on many levels. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Refresh and try again. It was inspiring to work under a supreme master.

The day you do that, you commit yourself to living with fear. You may think you can cure them of their infidelity, but the odds are against you, as are they when you marry a much-divorced woman. First, that parts of it are even still relevant today as it laments about the lack of research ogjlvy this crazy new medium called ‘television’ and advertizing against food commercials because they look so unappealing in black and white. If you have a modicum of talent, and know which techniques work at the cash register, you will go a long way.

On a concluding note, “a collection of Ogilvy-isms”: We detest office politicians, toadies, bullies, and pompous asses. Although, I did really enjoy the bit about not treating your consumer like a moron.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Certainly interesting, oftentimes intriguing, especially for marketeers. If you play it grimlyyou will die of ulcers. Your most important job is to decide what you are going to say about your product, what benefits you are going to promise. Mar 20, Phil ann it really liked it.

A quick browse at Amazon. She is your wife. Ogilvy was partly an advertising copywriter, and the book is written as though oof entire book was advertising copy. Them’s the conditions that prevail with almost all association accounts: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Confessions of an Advertising Man

Sir Alan Parker was acopywriter in the s and s and is now a film director and producer. Discover by category See recently added titles See popular titles. If you work in advertising there is so much good stuff in here that it should be a must-read for any new employee of any ad agency or marketing position inside a company. It is considered required reading in many advertising classes in the United States. The head of an agency has so much on his plate he is apt to see his clients only at times of crisis.


Too many masters, too little money, too many objectives.

But I think someone not in the industry would get something out of this as well. The agencies which are most successful in new business are those whose spokesmen show the most sensitive insight into the psychological makeup cconfessions the prospective client. Not by playing politics which Ogilvy hates but by enabling everyone around you to perform at their best by under promising and over delivering. Bymore than 1, copies had been printed.

Confessions Of An Advertising Man

The Donald Trump of advertising, both in success and ego. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their marketing and the sales results instead of winning awards. But brains are not enough unless they are combined with intellectual honesty. I conclude that if you don’t show it, there’s no point in saying it. Most of the work you do in an agency will be routine maintenance.

Confessions Of An Advertising Man : David Ogilvy :

There is no need advetrising make advertisements look like advertisements. American businessmen are not taught that it is a sin to bore your fellow creatures. Great book, not just about marketing, but a modern philosophy to life. I love the prologue from the 80’s where he makes two small corrections to the book, as if everything else is totally un-changed.