For use of this form, see AR ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. 1. ISSUE. ITEM. 2. TURN-IN. 5. PAGE. 6. FOR LOCAL USE. DA FORM , JUL. Download Fillable PDF Format Click Below ▽ Download XFDL IBM Lotus Forms Viewer/Pure Edge Format Click Below. REQUEST FOR ISSUE AND TURN-IN OF AMMUNITION CONTINUATION SHEET DOCIC NSN DA FORM , JUL NOMENCLATURE 4 .

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Prepared by the requesting unit and presented to the storage facility for issue.

: Blank DA and DD Forms

Directs relocation of specific items to specific storage locations. Smallest lots of munitions issued first. Prepared by the shipper, an accountable document used to complete the shipment.

The supporting MMC normally notifies an ammunition unit in advance of a scheduled incoming shipment. Ammunition support units must develop an SOP that outlines operations and procedures for returning ammunition and residue. Military ammunition inspectors, QASAS, or other qualified personnel will inspect vehicles as discussed in the Receipts section of this chapter.

What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Are you looking for an unbiased outside opinion?

It is inventoried, recorded, and fom to the appropriate MMC for disposition instructions. Used to ensure that DA Form s have the proper signatures. If the deficiencies cannot be corrected, the driver or convoy commander will coordinate with his unit to ensure that serviceable transports are provided. Stays with ammunition during shipment.


Shipments out of the theater to support other contingencies fogm also be made when directed. Enter Your Email Address. The term, turn-inrefers to the return of unexpended ammunition and salvage items to a storage facility by the using unit. The assistance of other services is necessary ofrm ensure that aircraft and vessels are inspected properly. Munitions must be issued as follows: We will never publish or sell your email address, nor will we ever send you information you have not requested.

It is also possible that some will arrive as configured loads.

Munitions designated as “priority issue. Ammunition receipt operations include completion of administrative details, inspection of vehicles, and unloading of ammunition at the designated storage location.

Prepared by dx facility as a temporary receipt or storage document. After each motor vehicle is off-loaded, it is driven to the vehicle assembly area and returned to the control of the convoy commander.

The storage facility must coordinate closely with fotm MMC to maintain mission continuity and to identify theater-specific policies that differ from the policies used by ammunition units in ordinary circumstances. You’ve come to the right place. Advise using units about limitations on the use of restricted munitions and munitions suspended from issue and use except for emergency combat. The control section initiates the storage process when it reviews receipt documentation, selects storage locations, and prepares a DA Form R.


Ammunition units must ensure that any policy regarding such specific items is clearly understood.

Use information from multiple sources when making important professional decisions. An ” R” following the form number indicates that the unit may reproduce the form.

DA Form 581-1 Request for Issue and Turn-in of Ammunition Continuation Sheet

This process must be established as early as possible and understood by ammunition support units and using units. The MCT coordinates the activities of transportation operators and expedites movements of incoming and outgoing carriers. Coordinate with supporting MMC to ensure advance notice of munitions shipments.

Also serves as MRO, confirmation or denial, and advance notice of shipment.