: The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena ( ): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. The Astral Plane by ater, founder of the Theosophical society, in a wonderful insight into the unseen world and the dynamics of our universe. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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The details of the differences between these three higher sub-planes will perhaps be more readily explicable when we come to deal with their human inhabitants. These extruded astral bodies are almost shapeless and indefinite in outline in the case of the more backward races and individuals, but as the man develops in intellect and spirituality his floating astral becomes better defined, and more closely resembles his physical encasement.

But nevertheless these reflected pictures of all kinds of past events are constantly being reproduced in the astral world, and form an important part of the surroundings of the investigator there. In using that word I am not speaking from that metaphysical standpoint from which all but the One Unmanifested is unreal because impermanent; I am using the word in its plain, every-day sense, and I mean by it that the objects and inhabitants of the astral plane are real in exactly the same way as our own bodies, our furniture, our houses or monuments are real — as real atsral Charing Cross, to quote an expressive remark from one of the earliest Theosophical works.

Wayne M Danis rated it liked it Jan 23, ladbeater That form would is now composed only of astral matter, but still the difference in density between it and its surrounding mist would lesdbeater quite sufficient to make it clearly distinguishable, even though it is itself only a form of denser mist.

It is often asked how — since the undeveloped astral is so vague in outline, and since the great majority leacbeater mankind come under the head of the undeveloped — how it is ever possible to recognise the ordinary man at all when he is in his astral body.

The Astral Plane: C W Leadbeater: : Books

When he cannot find a medium or does not understand how to use one he sometimes makes clumsy and blundering endeavours to communicate on his own account, and by the strength of his will he sets elemental forces blindly working, perhaps producing such apparently aimless manifestations as stone-throwing, bell-ringing, etc.

Knowing this he will at once set himself to resist the action of the desire-elemental, and will insist upon retaining his astral body in the same condition as during his earth-life — that is to say, with all its particles intermingled and in free motion. They give us far more the significance of things, rather than descriptions of the things themselves.


There is also another variety of corpse which it is necessary to mention under this head, though it belongs to a much earlier stage of man’s post-mortem history.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena

If you like Theosophy or the afterlife, this is a wonderful book. To learn more about the freeriver project please visit the website; www. The second sub-plane seems especially the habitat of the selfish or unspiritual religionist; here he wears his golden crown and worships his own grossly material representation of the particular deity of his country and time. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The first conscious introduction to this remarkable region comes to people in various ways. The question then arose how the manuscript was to be transported to Tibet.

No doubt as the evolution of humanity proceeds, and an ever-increasing proportion enters upon the Path of Holiness, this class will become more numerous. Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favour of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant. The mind-body is not naturally visible to astral sight at all, and consequently the pupil who works in it learns to gather round himself a temporary veil of astral matter when in the course of his work he wishes to become perceptible to the inhabitants of the lower plane in order to help them more efficiently.

It has often been called the realm of illusion — not that it is [6] itself any more illusory than the physical world, but, because of the extreme unreliability of the impressions brought back from it by the untrained seer.

Open Preview See a Problem? Whatever amount of intelligence may lie behind any such manifestation has no connection with the original man, but is lent by the medium or his “guides” for the occasion. A psychically developed person passing one of our great cemeteries may see many of these bluish-white, misty forms hovering over the graves where are laid the physical vestures which they have recently left; and as they, like their lower counterparts, are in stages of disintegration, the sight is by no means pleasant.

In many other directions we are entirely shut in, but clairvoyance or astral sight opens for us one or two additional windows, and so enlarges our prospect, and spreads before us a new and wider world, which is yet part of the old world, though before we did not know it.

It duly appeared as Manual No. Life on the sixth division is not unlike our ordinary life on this earth, minus the physical body and its necessities; while as it ascends through the fifth and fourth divisions it becomes less and less material, and is more and more withdrawn from our lower world and its interests.

But the biggest hindrance was by far the fact that this is a photocopy, and a very poor one at that! Still higher and infinitely more beautiful, where at all clearly developed, is the living light of the causal body, the vehicle of the higher self, which shows the stage of development of the real ego its passage from birth to birth.


The occult teachers of the past had sought more the inner significance of facts, what might be termed the “life side” of Nature, and less the “form side” of Nature, such as characterizes the scientific method of today. His consciousness is quite complete, and he roams at will through all the divisions of the plane with equal facility.

It was in that the two made a joint investigation into the structure of Hydrogen. You’ll encounter phenomena including churchyard ghosts, mysterious bell ringing, clairvoyance, second sight, spirit photographs, slate writing, and levitation. I have read some Theosophical literature, but was still not acqainted with all the terminology, which is, as in most Theosophical writings, diverse and oft obscure. The poetic idea of death as a universal leveller is a mere absurdity born of ignorance, for, as a matter of fact, in the vast majority of cases the loss of the physical body makes no difference whatever in the character or intellect of the person, and there are therefore as many different varieties of intelligence among those whom we usually call the dead as among the living.

For this reason the little book, The Astral Planewas definitely a landmark, and the Master as Keeper of the Records desired to place its manuscript in the great Museum. Clairvoyance by Charles W. In some cases, though these are rare, he is enabled to avoid the trouble of a new birth by being placed directly in an adult body whose previous tenant has no further use for it, but naturally it is not often that a suitable body is available.

This seems to be due to the attraction of the large amount of dense astral matter which is gathered together there as the counterpart of the cells of the physical body; but however that may he, the fact is undoubted that the matter of the astral body which lies within the limits of the physical is many times denser than that astgal it.

Anyone who has tried this personally will attest to some strange goings on afterward. His insistence on purity of morals for the initiate – of body, mind including every thought – sounded in retrospect horribly hollow when I read his biography after turning the final page.

Occasionally this message is an important one, such as, for example, an indication of the place where a missing will is concealed; but more often it seems to us quite trivial.