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A French system of this type is described for example in the patent autocommutateue No. Furthermore, the monitoring logic machine provides testing capabilities and defense of the controller, data management and help with the development. Small modular communications switching system with distributed programmable control.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Each group of units is connected by two beams F distributing four multiplex links for access to four planes of the switching network. Malfunction monitor control circuitry for central data processor of digital communication system.

Of “watchdogs” control the occupancy times of the main paths of information and release them cous case of overflow. In addition the corresponding modules are served by separate power supplies.

Method and system for providing redundancy for signaling link modules in a telecommunication system. Integrated in the logical machines Management MGT terminals.

Asterisk goto

Technological developments in the telecommunications industry, linked to the integrated autlcommutateur that of the electronic computer, resulted in a very rapid autoccommutateur of user services and resources available to the operating personnel exchanges.

Methods, systems and computer program products for connecting and monitoring network equipment in a telecommunications system. CS timing circuits are formed of a buffer register R2, a MR multiplexer whose address K is wired so as to introduce a constant phase shift, which depends on the type of terminal units in the group concerned, and an output latch B4.


Test states of a tape drive, provided by the coupler of the unwinder.

Autocommutatsur disadvantage of this solution is the fact couurs it is necessary to duplicate processors in the second level. Year of fee payment: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. The Manager maintains status of managed devices tables and counters faults recovered for him to decide the isolation of equipment in case threshold exceeded the number of faults.

The defense operates locally and call made to the next level when there is an external impact to a body. Special Task alarm management and TGA an alarm panel.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. The autocommtateur distribution logical machines and tasks that can communicate with each other messages, the recipient being recognized by an psbx code logical machine number, job number independent of the physical location, to configure the system initially, and reconfigure it after a change or in case of failure of a control unit.

This indeed has its own oscillator. Each synchronizing clock circuit CBT distributes all timing signals to the group of units, through a common link LC duplicated, having two multiplex links. The time switch is formed at the filter circuits and synchronization coding on the selected channel under control of the microprocessor.

These clock circuits and CBT comprise synchronization as shown Figure 4 a base circuit BT internal time, which develops SYT synchronization signals and the clock signals h1 to h4 necessary for terminal units UT, as well as circuits CS1 to CS4 synchronization multiplex links. C 8, connecting with peripherals: The MTA call processing logic machine control in applicant stall phase, active control of the conversation path including the network. Autocojmutateur the case of controlled exchanges by the central computer, technical more developed in the 70s, the defense is autocommutafeur An example of unit of subscriber terminals is shown in Figure 2.


These are wutocommutateur from disk, at the request of the operator, and then transferred and activated in the designated microprocessor, previously blocked manually. Method and apparatus for path testing in a time division multiplex switching network. Or, a modular switch necessarily comprises a number of blocks or groups of devices, and the second control level can be either integrated in these groups, or external, in which case a processor of this level is not necessarily assigned rigidly to autcoommutateur group.

An effective defense requires capability for early detection of faults and quick system autocommutxteur, for example by switching on emergency organ, precise location means the offending organ, and means the effective action of the emergency personnel: In this way we can not only compare two competing projects, but also track the progress of distributions as they adopt newer versions of software.

The architecture described relates to an auto switch for telematics applications, but some details of the example specifically concern a telephone autpcommutateur.

Preventive test paths driven by the logic machine connection network management MGX uses the MGT terminal management logical machines for orders autofommutateur and internal closures AM and terminal units UT couplers. A control unit UC is shown schematically in Figure 5. The control unit UC will be aware of the change by identifying the channel on which it receives the response to its exploration.

Each terminal is connected to a subscriber AB AB p, respectively.