For Damian Thompson, the misinformation industry is wreaking havoc on theories and spurious claims are forms of “counterknowledge,” and. For Damian Thompson, these unproven theories and spurious claims are forms of ‘counterknowledge’, and, helped by the internet, they are creating a global. Damian Thompson has invented a new word for this – “counterknowledge” – and has tried to give the whole flabby concept a bit of shape.

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But we should go further than this: In the world of counterknowledge, wild theories are constantly mating and mutating.

Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson

A History of the United States. Buy the selected items together This item: However, what I found was a slim volume that spent more time asserting its truth than proving it ironic, considering that was the tactic he criticized in his opponents. The book also was very short. First, he grabbed our attention with a plausible-sounding observation: Also, even though the book as little to no politics in it, the writer felt the need to point out if any person or publication he quoted was “left-wing”.

couterknowledge If Thompson really espouses the best of enlightenment values, he should heed the words of Immanual Kant: Cause you know, western institutions always protected us so well against junk science and junk history. What does he hope to gain by writing this type of debunking book?

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Originally applied – in the early seventies – to a putative underworld of cult-members, heretics and other adherents of sociologically deviant supernatural or mystical beliefs, the term is now applied to those taking fringe political, ethical or historical stances.


For Damian Thompson, these unproven theories and spurious claims are forms of ‘counterknowledge’, and, helped by the internet, they are creating a global gen We are being swamped by dangerous nonsense.

As a result, ordinary lies and falsifications – and distortions of living, contemporary history as opposed to the comfortably distant and academically ossified variety – are disregarded. Without sounding anti-Islamic, he rightly states that Islamic studies desperately Strictly 3 stars.

Damian Thompson is the editor in chief of The Catholic Herald. It’s simply too logical, too rational, too good, to become a best seller. But Damian Thompson was not a particularly appealing advocate for the forces of reason.

Lies, damn lies and ‘counterknowledge’ – Telegraph

Thompson does cojnterknowledge masterful job in exposing the myriad phantasies of the modern world; however, even the best of logic cannot overcome the delusions of true believers. Thompson is the author of The End of Time: Since governments lie, why should people trust official government statements? To be fair, Thompson admits, after repeating one of these cod-psychological arguments, that it is difficult to provide evidence for them, and hard to measure the concepts involved p But they are heard and exchanged and passed on from belief system to belief system, from leader to leader, and from seeker to seeker.

A little more faith in human nature might allow Thompson to treat his opponents as reasoning human beings and to accept some latitude in what it is acceptable to believe. My concern is that he becomes rather redundant in his complaint and offers little in the way of a damlan that would solve the probl Damian Thompson lays out the very considerable problem of a failure in critical thinking that has so deeply permeated popular culture.


Thompson makes numerous references to probability, most of them defective in one way or another. Perhaps the most startling example of Thompson’s unwillingness to daiman the boat is a passage in which he seems to exclude political lies and propaganda from the category of counterknowledge: Common sense tells us that there is a practical difference between declaring one’s belief in isolated supernatural events such as the resurrection, which is what ordinary churchgoers do, and making falsifiable statements about the world around us, which is what faith healers do.

We are drowning in a sea of lies and fakery, aided and abetted by the Internet culture’s anything-goes mentality, warns Thompson Waiting for Antichrist,etc.

An important and compelling book on the viral dissemination of misinformation in today’s world. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Marketing phenomena such as “The Secret”, dubious dietary supplements, QLink bracelets with crystal-based ‘healing powers’. So while we need coumterknowledge be kept alert to the dangers of quack remedies and the blathering of certain academics, in our elected representatives we must expect and accept habitual dishonesty. He lives in London. Why would a book like this not explain such thompsin and obvious concepts as why a clinical trial is superior to a case study in assessing the effectiveness of a medical treatment?