The leaf of Costus pictus D. Don is considered as an antidiabetic in folklore medicine and is known to reduce the blood sugar, similar to insulin. PDF | To explore the micro morphology and physicochemical parameters of the leaves of Costus pictus D. Don (Costaceae). Macroscopy. Painted Spiral Ginger is a perennial herb, native to Mexico. It has long narrow leaves with a characteristic wavy edges. The bases of the sheaths are mottled with.

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Table 5 Effect of Costus pictus extract on parameters of liver and kidney function in the experimental groups.

Costus pictus – Wikidata

He has more than 75 publications. Eur J Pharm Sci. MDA was measured according to the method described by Ohkawa et al. Subsequently, for the next 6 weeks, rats in the H group received 0.

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Indian J Physiol Pharmacol ; Rat plasma lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in experimental hypothyroidism. This model fails to produce increase in body weight as seen in human hypothyroidism. Indian J Exp Biol ; Previous studies have shown that C. In India it is grown in gardens as ornamental plant especially in Kerala in every home.

Int J Integr Biol. It is characterized by decreased serum levels of thyroid hormones T3 and T4 and elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH. Hypothyroid rats exhibited dramatic increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH levels with concomitant depletion in the levels of thyroid hormones. Hypothyroid H — no intervention in Phase 1 and 0.


Costus pictus extracts stimulate insulin secretion from mouse and human islets of Langerhans in vitro. The aim of the present study was to investigate the preventive effect of Costus pictus leaf extract in experimental hypothyroidism.

Ferric reducing antioxidant power; HDL: Measurement of TSH was based on quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. Negative regulation of glucose uptake by Costus pictus in L6 myotube cell line.

Costus pictus – Painted Spiral Ginger

Rapid colorimetric assay for cell growth and survival: Following a wash step, substrate was added to the wells. The bases of the sheaths are mottled with markings that have earned the plant the synonym of Costus hieroglyphica.

Liver and kidney are important target organs of thyroid hormones. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen as a molecular biomarker for spermatogenesis in PTU-induced hypothyroidism of rats. This has been reported in earlier studies.

Further investigations at molecular level are needed to conclusively prove the exact mechanism by which C. Biochemical and histological studies.

For fostus and quantification, HPLC system was coupled with a Thermo Fisher TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, operated with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization positive.

Liquid chromatography—mass spectrometry spectrum of alpha-amyrin and beta-amyrin.

Costus pictus ‘Red Stem’

Effect of Costus pictus extract on tissue malondialdehyde levels measured at the end of the study. Plethora of human and animal studies have proved that hypothyroidism is associated with elevated plasma total cholesterol levels. Blood samples were collected 2 h after glucose injection. FT3 present in the cstus or standard competed with biotin-conjugated FT3 to bind to the antibody present in the microtiter plates.

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Recently, there has been renewed interest in the use of medicinal plants and their bioactive constituents in the treatment of endocrine diseases. Basu G, Mohapatra A. Takada Y, Aggarwal BB.

Animal experiments The study was conducted in the Department of Biochemistry, JIPMER, Puducherry, India, after obtaining approval from the institutional animal ethics and scientific advisory committees. This was followed by addition of substrate. Betulinic acid suppresses carcinogen-induced NF-kappa B activation through inhibition of I kappa B alpha kinase and p65 phosphorylation: At the beginning of the study, all the groups showed normal thyroid profile.

J Immunol Methods ; The data identified transcripts related to pathways of bixin, geranial and geraniol biosynthesis which are known to be peroxixome proliferator activated receptors PPAR agonists and anti-glycation agents.

Previous studies have suggested that exogenous antioxidants can alleviate hepatic and renal damage caused in experimental hypothyroidism. Preparation of Costus pictus extract Fresh leaves of C. This article has been cited by.

Antidiabetic activity of insulin plant Costus igneus leaf extract in diabetic rats.