Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 РComNav · comnavmarine .

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Comnav 1460

Loosen the left hand side watertight glands, and remove the outer end cap. Tighten the nuts on the watertight glands. Place the gland from the Accessory Kit in the hole.

This damage will not be covered by warranty. Check for leaks by combav for spilled hydraulic fluid on or near fittings and cylinders.

All the pumps look very similar, so inspect the labels carefully. Note that the cannot be turned off from a Control Head which is not the active one. The compensating line MUST have a gradual rise from the pump to the connection to the steering system. Contact your ComNav Dealer. conav

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If you can, use a bottle of recommended hydraulic oil and a piece of plastic tubing to add extra capacity to your highest reservoir. To make a one degree course change to Port, briefly press the Red Key.


Repeat Steps 6 to 11 at least 10 times. We have placed cookies xomnav your device to help make this website better. The light above This the Nav Key should turn on.

While the routine is running, the lights will continue to flash in a rotating pattern. Using only the Clip, the cable can be run straight back through a hole in the mounting surface.

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Adjust the position of the Outboard Feedback so that as nearly as possible it is parallel with the hydraulic cylinder both horizontally and vertically. Measure the approximate diameter of your rudder post in inches. Determining Rudder Response Settings At this point, you will have finished adjusting your compass. Radiated interference Section 4.

To dodge around an object in the water, press and hold either the Green or Red Key.

Clean up any oil spills and wipe fittings clean. It was tested according to the applicable sections contained in: Close all bleeding screws or nipples.

There are separate sections about both Feedback units in this manual. The Compensating Line does not have to be a high pressure hose. Port C is the compensating or bleed line, and must be connected to the steering system’s reservoir. If you have a small vessel, the negative battery post can be used. If the pilot light goes off, followed by blinking port and starboard lights, you have reached the highest level of the Slow Response Sensitivity; from here, comna can only decrease Sensitivity using the Red Key.


This part always comes with: From here, you can comnnav increase Sensitivity using the Green Key 2. Attach the Rudder Post Arm to the rudder post using a stainless steel band clamp. While the Ghost Rudder will not allow the Autopilot to steer as well as it can with the Rudder Feedback, it will allow the Autopilot to be used until repairs can be made.

comnav 1460

To correctly position the Fluxgate Compass, mount it so that the top surface with the cable gland is up. The light below the Green Key is You have one of the following problems: All information must be confirmed directly by the seller. Turn the steering wheel just past the stop to press as much oil as is possible into the system.