This guide describes how to connect Cisco IP VSAT satellite WAN network modules to After completing the hardware installation, moving the router with the. Comment installer son antenne WAKA SATPLAY? The kit is supplied with special equipment (Point & Play) to help you during your installation to accurately . *Vous devriez demander UN DEVIS lorsque vous avez besoin d’acheter des accessoires spécifiques: par exemple une antenne et le câble afin que nous.

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Print these instructions for your reference.

Pack Vista Pour Windows Xp – Gaporritino

Dish Alignment Quick Start: Mount your dish on its mast. Make sure you compensate for magnetic deviation.

Turn your dish towards the correct Azimuth and hand tighten screws. Adjust dish Elevation to correct value and hand tighten screws. For example, if you are aiming the dish at IA5 97W: LNBF should be turned 16 degrees counter clockwise when facing the dish.


Internet par satellite en mer, de son bateau, ou sur terre en site isolé

Make sure the receiver is “OFF” when you do that. Install your LNBF on your dish. Enter your city or zip code below and hit “Search”. Follow coomment instructions on how to setup your motorized system found here. Select the language you wish to use by highlighting it and pressing OK.

Press right volume arrow to go to “Installation”. Click “OK” on the Antenna Setup option.

DTP VSAT Installation

Just leave the default settings as follows: To check which transponder frequencies are live, click here and select the satellite. If you only see the signal bar in BLUE and no quality, that means your dish is receiving a signal, but it is not from the correct satellite.

It will always show this signal no matter where you aim your dish. Press OK again when asked to save.


The channel search will begin. Congratulations, you just loaded your receiver!

Installation Support Forums Channels List. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.