Neologismele (); Despre progresul adevărului în judecarea lucrărilor literare (); Comediile domnului Caragiale (); Poeți și. de Ion Luca Caragiale Ne îmbrăcăm, domnule, frumos, și o luăm repede pe jos pân’ la teatru. LEONIDA: O mie, domnule, numa’ o mie. In Convorbiri literare is published the study Comediile d-lui Caragiale signed by Titu Maiorescu. Is born Mateiu, son of Maria Constantinescu, recognized by I. L.

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Today the village is named after the great playwriter.

One can well visualise the ball the communist literary critics had analysing Caragiale’s works – how well he ironised the rotten bourgeois class Personally he had only troubles from the theatre – He keeps in touch with his friends from the country, missing the places were he was born.

A murit de inima, dupa efortul unei calatorii la Szeghed Ungaria Caragiale Archived 29 January at the Wayback Machine. A second significant play from the same time period was also a satire, but more of a political comedy with similar elements of social commentary.

Ion Luca’s uncles, Costache and Iorgu Caragialealso known as Caragialimanaged theater troupes and were very influential figures in the development of early Romanian theater —in Wallachia and Moldavia alike. The writer’s investigations into Romanian culture also resulted in an accurate record of caratiale Romanian language as it was spoken during his day, sampling dialectsjargonslangverbal ticsas well as illustrating the experiments undertaken by conflicting schools of linguistics during the 19th and early 20th century, as well as the traces they left on the Romanian lexis.

Conu Leonida față cu reacțiunea

This allowed the characters to be viewed as more farcical and satirical by the audience. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ion Luca Caeagiale. Gets his primary school certificate – Goes to “Saints Peter and Paul” Secondary School in Ploiesti – His biographers confirm that in the 5th grade he was at a school in Bucharest, where his family moved – Takes mimic art and declamation courses, at the Bucharest Conservatory, course sustained by Costache Caragiali, one of his uncles, dramatical author and actor – At 18 years becomes copyist at Prahova tribunal, at the request carayiale his father, who dies soon after.


By the late s, Caragiale began writing the plays which cemented his reputation as an important playwright in Romania. Meanwhile the wife’s sister’s lover goes to visit the sister, but because of an upside-down nine which looks like a six on the house number, ends up inside Dumitrache’s house instead.

Ion Luca was the nephew of Costache and Iorgu Caragialewho were major figures of midth century Romanian theater. Beginning inCaragiale resumed his contributions to Universul. Opens his first beer house shocking again his adversaries – Publishes the volume Schite usoare.

The writer himself cited Cilibi Moisea Wallachian Jewish peddler and aphoristas an early influence, recalling how, as a child, he used to read his one-liner jokesand treasured them as exceptional samples of concise humor.

The appointment caused some controversy at the time: Becomes substitute teacher at “Sf. Great post, Sarah, thank you! Ion Luca Caragiale also associated with Junimea’ s mouthpiece, Convorbiri Literareand continued to contribute there even afterwhen the society began to decline in importance. My own personal sadness is that a true understanding of Caragiale can never belong to a domjului.

Each one is a window donmului to Romanian society as real today as it was when written. Tudor Vianu also noted that, among cities and towns, Caragiale preferred Bucharest and those provincial centers most exposed to Central European influences specifically, the summer retreats in the Prahova Valley and other Wallachian stations on the way to Transylvania.


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Is there one in Shakespeare? InCaragiale was shaken by the outbreak and violent repression of the Romanian Peasants’ Revoltand decided to write a lengthy essay, in which he condemned the agrarian policies of both National Liberal and Conservative governments from a patriotic perspective. Both Hasdeu and Sturdza hinted at the influence exercised over Caragiale by their adversary Maiorescu, and went on to compare the dramatist with foreign writers such as Mite Kremnitz and the Jewish Josef B.

Inthe writer followed the Radical group dmonului its unusual merger with the Conservative Party.

Ion Luca Caragiale – Wikipedia

We can never truly grasp the depths of the characterisations, no matter how well we think we know the country, its history and its people. But it is one that exists nowhere else on the planet but in Romania.

Always write kindly of my adopted country. His father becomes a lawyer in Ploiesti – The boy goes to school in the second grade at the Princely School no.

Caragiale turned Aamsky into a character on his own, envisaging his death as a result of overwork in editing magazines “for the country’s political development”.

Thank you for your post, it’s a joy to us to read comediils splendid English text about our beloved Caragiale! Iosif editorial board secretary. Everything gets lost in translation and one ends up with a wooden effect, a little bit like when someone has to explain a joke, if you see what I mean.