Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha .. be said that either Kayanupassana or Vedananupassana is excluded. Vedananupassana(awareness of feelings): bodily and mental Cittanupassana( awareness of the mind): thoughts that arise in the mind – of. download. com. http:// ://

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Hence Jati, Jara Marana etc. The Yogi must comprehend and be cognisant of every arising and its vanishing as whatever consciousness arises, it arises only one at a time.

The proximate cause is Phassa contact. The Buddha by way of analogy compares the earth soil on his finger nail to those who attain Sugati and the earth of this whole universe to those who fall into Apayagati.

Maha Saruputta vedananupassaa in the same way that in order to attain the next higher stages the nature of arising and perishing must be contemplated. The root cause is the manifestation of Miccha Ditthi. The four satipatthana are Kayanupassana-satipatthana, Vedananupassana-satipatthana, Cittanupassana-satipatthana, Dhammanupassana-satipatthana.

The Buddha said that when Sukha Vedana is followed by Tanha, the realisation of Nibbana can never be attained; similarly, when Dukkha Vedana is followed by Dosa and Domanasa, the realisation of Nibbana can never be attained.

Cittanupassana and Vedananupassana – Mogok Sayadaw’s way

The bodhipakkhiya dhamma consist of seven kinds: In the six attributes of the Dhamma, it is said ‘Ehipassiko’. It is the mind in which the wrong view of Egoism or I-ness or personality cittanupassana dwells most, and it is the breeding place of Sakkaya Ditthi. When he meditates on Vedana and if he still finds Vedana, it cannot be said that is right on the point because if he still finds Vedana existing he is said to find Vedana Nicca, i.


This is the effect of the foregoing cause. If the meditator enjoys it and is satisfied with what he is experiencing, it means he is attached to it, and thus he cannot progress to the higher stages of insight.

Cittanupassana And Vedananupassana

Moreover, there vedahanupassana no opportunity for Dukkha, Domanassa, Upayasa to arise, hence the Paticcasamuppada is broken in the end. Eventually all the other Anupassanas are confluent and have to terminate in Dhammanupassana where Sacca is the final and deciding factor. In a place not far from the Buddha he sat with folded legs and body erect calmly observing the practice of mindfulness.

The next line also means that according to the norm it is only the arising and perishing; the third line connotes that after arising, it perishes; the cessation or annihilation, of arising and perishing, i. There should be no doubt that if the Yogi fully comprehends and is cognisant of the arising and vedananupasana of consciousness he can be said to be on the right path to entrance to Nibbana. Thus the whole chain of Paticcasamuppada will continue its ceaseless revolution.

Satipatthana is not a synonym for vipassana. In the man on seeing the dining table on which is prepared some delicious food, there arises Tanha craving to eat, then again arises the overwhelming desire for it followed by Kammabhava physical action.

When, the mind is free and uncontrolled the physical action has no restraint, giving free expression to our thoughts and emotions. Hence when a Puthujjana suffers Vedana; it can be said that he is thrusted four times with a spear. However, vedananupassans satipatthana retreats are advertised as “vipassana retreats”. A person who first trains his mind with kayagata-satipatthana contemplation of the body before turning his mind to the practice of samatha and vipassana calm and insighthis attention will remain steady and his meditation will be a success.


The second man answered that the butea tree was like a chop of meat because he had only seen it when the tree was in bloom.

It means the knowledge that there is nothing but arising and vanishing of the khandhas in our being. Vipassana or the right understanding requires the right awareness Satipattana. Vedananupassana awareness of feelings: Vedana arising in the body is either Sukha or Dukkha. It is important for the practising Yogi to see in their Vipassana practice that the preceding Anicca and the cedananupassana following Magga go on concurrently one after another without allowing Kilesa to creep in between.

Cittanupassana And Vedananupassana by U Than Daing | LibraryThing

When a Yogi finds and believes that the Vedana he meditates on in one moment is the same one in another moment, it must be said that he has a long way to go.

The Buddha said that the root cause of falling into Apayagati woeful and miserable plane of existence must be exterminated and uprooted. The practice of Vipassana is the only way which can forestall any latent danger of falling into Apayabhumi woeful existence in the next rebirth.

Supposing there occurs in your mind Lobha Citta, you can easily know that Lobha citta is occurring in your mind.