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Mu Civilization and Naacals

In this ceremony, which survives to this day in various organizations, the candidate, if deemed worthy, was initiated to the brotherhood after going through a long period of preparation and investigation. The first life left the water and spread all over the planet. After retiring, he continued his research in Central America and wrote five books about the lost continent.

Compared to the other pharaohs, we know very little about him because his successors deliberately erased his name from history.

Naacals acknowledge that only the high priests may reach this stage. Monday, December 31, As seen in the cosmic diagram, the triangle and the number three has a special place in Naacal teachings.

The Cihhangir continent is a group of islands in three parts with narrow straits in between.

Suddenly, everywhere was plunged into darkness. Ra-Mu himself was the high priest of this religion, which taught worshipping one God with the help of symbols, as well as the leader of the holy brotherhood. With a history of around 70, years, the Mu civilization, in time, established many colonies and empires all around the world. The body dies and disintegrates, while the spirit never dies. These gases condensed to form the stars and planets. In Mahabharata, written 3, years ago, a weapon used by human beings in the distant past is described:.


It remains a mystery why Rishi showed Churchward these tablets, which had been kept secret for thousands of years. The eye inside the triangle depicts how the main source i. Legends tell us about mysterious ancient sources carefully kept and preserved by a group of devotees who called themselves the Guardians of Wisdom.

To be a person with these qualities is only possible by becoming a Naacal brother and deeply absorbing the teachings. Danish researcher and writer Eric Von Daniken also points out how the cultures of these islands, which are thousands of kilometers from each other, are astonishingly similar.

With these thoughts in mind, Rishi acted as a master for Churchward for two years and taught him the long-lost language, known only by the high priests, in which the Naacal tablets were written. Write a customer review.

Mu Civilization and Naacals | The Wise Magazine

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the Cihangir Gener – March 9, 5. The symbols of the Naacals were mainly comprised of geometric shapes. Examples of symbols that represents four basic elements, discovered by Niven.

However as the civilization collapsed cihamgir the main source vanished, the symbols themselves became idolized and resulted in the birth of polytheistic religions. You can share posts by giving website reference.

Ezoterik – Batini Doktrinler Tarihi

So, what would be the motive underneath this destruction? The astonishing similarity to the modern theories of how the universe and life were created cannot be a coincidence. Meanwhile, the eight-lane road going downward symbolizes the stages the spirit must go through in order to reach God.

This research would span 50 years. Naacal teachings proposed that the geometric and architectural qualities of God were of the highest importance in the emergence of the universe. The hexagonal star formed by these two triangles is the symbol of justice.

According to these tablets, in the beginning of the universe, there was only the spirit. See our Returns Policy.


Visit our Help Pages. Korkut Keskiner – May 7, 0. It is not known when the Mu civilization started. Your Rising Sign Ascendant October 9, Burak Eldem – July 21, 0.

Mahabharata legends and some other legends, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, support either one of the theories of the submerged continents, Atlantis and Mu. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. However, only the spirits that are able to comprehend this universal love are capable of returning to it. The circle inside the triangles symbolizes how God always keeps an eye on human beings, and the two interlaced triangles symbolize the coexistence of good and evil.

It is our thoughts that divide, categorize, and condition everything. Share your thoughts with other customers. The End or The Change? To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Korkut Keskiner – April 10, 0. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The spirit has to rise from the bottom, a nonliving thing, up to perfection and become the perfect human gejer.

According to Naacal teachings, God is love itself, hener the entire universe is built on this love. In addition, each corner of this star symbolizes a virtue, representing that humans may reach God only when they have these virtues. Most of the information concerning the Lost Continent of Mu and the Mu civilization was brought to light because of studies made by the British researcher James Churchward during the 19th century. The elephants, horses and humans were immediately parched.